Ren & Stimpy for adult revival

Happy happy, joy joy…

Twisted 1990s animated series Ren & Stimpy is getting a revival, for an adult audience.

The original series debuted in 1991, and enjoyed enormous popularity —not just with children, but also with adults- and ran until 1993.

The new version from ViacomCBS will be helmed by Grant Gish, a veteran of Marvel Studios and FOX Animation, who also becomes head of adult animation.

“Grant has incredible instincts and a supercharged passion for animation. Along with his extraordinary reputation and impressive successes with some of the biggest hits in the genre, from Bob’s Burgers to American Dad – his vision is exactly what we’re looking for to lead our adult animation unit,” said Nina L. Diaz, president of content and chief creative officer for ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group.

Because of 2018 underage sexual allegations, creator John Kricfalusi will not be involved in, nor receive financial gain from, the new series.

It isn’t yet clear where the new-look Ren & Stimpy will screen in Australia through the ViacomCBS channels.

Source: Variety


  1. I hope when they say Adult they don’t mean like the 2003 Viacom reboot that was shown on Spike TV in the US as it was (to put it mildly) rather disturbing.

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