Returning: Teenage Boss

Eddie Woo returns to ABC ME as teenagers are put in charge of the monthly household budget.

Mathematics teacher, Eddie Woo, returns for Teenage Boss this week in which teenagers are put in charge of the monthly household budget to teach lessons about financial responsibility and planning.

The show is based on a Norwegian format.

Under Eddie Woo’s mentorship, we’ll follow the teenager through the ups, downs, fun and fear of the real-world financial challenges their parents have to face every day, but they’ll be taking on for the first time.

Production details: The ABC presents in association with the South Australian Film Corporation and Screen NSW a McAvoy Media production.

6.30pm weekdays from Monday 31 August on ABC ME.

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  1. It’s good that there is some focus on finance. It’s important and practical, but It’s often overlooked in education with an emphasis on areas of mathematics, such as geometry, algebra, calculus, number theory, equations etc.

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