Returning: The Block

Season 16 of The Block kicks off at 7pm Sunday August 23 on Nine.

Scott Cam returns as host of a Brighton-based season which features five period homes from the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. These will be transformed into five luxury homes on a 2761-square metre block.

The first ever shutdown of The Block, due to the upheaval of COVID-19, will also feature prominently in the storyline.

“We always change our show up and make it fresh and I think this is a great way of doing that, by having houses themed according to different decades,” says Cam.

“I love that we are getting back to renovating family homes as well. People can watch The Block and see what the contestants are doing and get inspired to do it themselves.”

Also returning are Shelley Craft, site foremen Keith and Dan, and judges – Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer.

The five couples chosen are:

Harry (57) and Tash (32) – The first father and daughter renovation duo, an IT manager and a social media project manager from Melbourne.
Sarah (27) and George (33) – Teacher and electrician from Sydney.
Daniel (35) and Jade (34) – Farmer and hairdresser from Wandearah in South Australia.
Luke (35) and Jasmine (36) – Chippy and teacher from Perth.
Jimmy (33) and Tam (31) – Plumber and bar manager from Brisbane.

At stake is $100,000 for the winner of The Block plus whatever profits their home can make on auction day.

Filming has been completed -save for the all-important auction. There is not expected to be any Open House on site this year.


  1. Seems every year they promote it as first ever shut down of the block, usually from asbestos Being found or even some drama they’ve contrived to build even more drama such as people walking out etc, never as serious as this or shut down as long as this with a global pandemic but not the first time the sites been ‘shut down’.

  2. Call me a blockhead but I have been watching this tv show religiously with my wife, we’ve been complete blockheads since season 3 when Scott Cam took over, I think my wife prefers watching the show on her seat in the living room where as I have thought of participating in the show – I have a friend that is eager to do an audition tape with me who knows I maybe a contestant in next years block, having said that I cannot wait for the season to start again.. I’ve blocked it in on my calendar

  3. I’m liking the fresh ideas they keep bringing, like the 5 decades. But I am slightly worried that “The first ever shutdown of The Block, due to the upheaval of COVID-19, will also feature prominently in the storyline” and detract from what viewers like to see which is the renovation and reveals, (or maybe that is me and everyone else likes the drama, but I don’t think the pandemic should be used to dramatise the Block too much).

    • Obviously It’ll be a big issue as it will raise a lot of questions and I’m assuming new procedures and I think it will be important for them to point out the changes. Let’s be honest here, it’s changed a lot of things and the audience want to know what’s going on and the impact it’ll have. But I think the show will still settle down afterwards.

    • I will say that while I don’t care for The Block, I do disagree in you saying that drama is bad.

      Rather the needed ingredient for shows is Drama & Tension. The Covid-19 lockdown is going to be a very real source of Drama (as opposed to the quite contrived drama of teams bickering over nothing).

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