Returning: This is Us

Season 4 of This is Us finally comes to 10 later this month.

“Strangers” directed by Ken Olin screens at 10:30pm Thursday August 27th.

This premiered in the US last September.


  1. Like everyone else……..finally! At this point in time I am grateful they are showing it. They could have easily put it on Peach a lot earlier.

    • Agree ffs why couldn’t they have it in one of their other stations or late at night like they do with their other shows like Elementary. I’m actually quite over it considering I ever thought I’d ever get to see it. Fortunately I haven’t heard any spoilers from America.

  2. Finally. But ‘seriously’ (as they used to say) 10:30 for first run series….at least on 10Peach it was 8:30 (from memory). Thank you as always David 😊

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