Returning: This is Us

Get the tissues. New episodes are back on 10 Peach.

New episodes of This is Us return to 10 Peach from tonight.

S3E10 “The Last Seven Weeks” screens at 8:30pm. This aired in the US in January.

During the fall finale, we were left with two gigantic revelations: Jack’s brother Nicky is alive and Rebecca is the “her” that Future Randall and Future Tess are preparing to visit.

The most important connection to come is the one that Tess, as a growing young woman, is developing with her grandmother.

This Is Us will return with more of modern-day Nick and we trace back to Jack’s life in Pittsburgh. With any luck, there might even be a new baby Pearson to obsess over!

8:30pm Thursday January 24 on 10 Peach.

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  1. Nice work network Ten – if I had known that this was returning to air on the 24th Jan I probably would have switched on and watched it, or at least PVRd it, but seeing as you think its a state secret that this is returning to air I have instead set it on my To Watch list on whichever streaming service gets it….

    FTA TV programmers – helping to drive viewers away from their own business to online streaming since 2005….

  2. Thanks David – my wife likes this show and was pleasantly surprised when I set the recorder.
    But I thought TEN wasn’t giving you amendments or advance schedule info?
    Of course, perhaps that accounts for the late notification.

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