Block, Monty & Freeman score on Sunday

Ratings: Family Feud sinks lower still, barely ahead of SBS.

Two new additions to the Sunday schedule performed well last night: Seven’s All-New Monty and ABC’s Freeman special…. but it came at the expense of Family Feud.

The Block won its slot at 960,000, rising to 991,000 for the Room Winner.

It outranked The All New Monty: Guys & Gals (781,000) and Freeman (708,000). But Family Feud sank again to 210,000 barely ahead of SBS Lost Worlds and Hidden Treasures (187,000) -that’s despite Melbourne in lockdown from 8pm.

Later 60 Minutes (586,000) just eclipsed Midsomer Murders (582,000) then Crime Investigation Australia: Most Infamous (398,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 30.3% then Seven 28.3%, ABC 19.8%, 10 12.7% and SBS 8.9%.

Nine News (1.01m) was best for Nine. A late new edition drew 266,000.

Seven News (1.13m) was #1 for Seven. Code Blue: Murder was 189,000.

ABC News drew 755,000 for ABC. Australia Remastered was 263,000.

The Sunday Project was 377,000 / 274,000 for 10. 10 News First (285,000 / 220,000) and FBI (172,000 / 135,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (180,000) and Tour de France (176,000).

Offsiders led multichannels at 161,000 on ABC News.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 September 2020.

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  1. What a shame about Family Feud, 10 should’ve known its not going to do well against the Block & picked a better timeslot weeks ago, .
    I’m not surprised Monty did well as it did last time around. Like i said last time though, i’m all for it being for a good cause & do like a bit of celeb trash tv but 3 eps of an hour & a half each is just too much for me to bother with. I would only have it on in the background if nothing else much was on, enjoyed FF instead.

    1. I think Ten are waving the white flag on Sunday nights and leaving it to Nine and Seven to battle it out. TMS was meant to be move to Sunday/Monday in the second week, but they changed to Monday/Tuesday. IMO, not a bad move.

  2. Makes you wonder if 10 should just chuck in a kids movie as point of difference at 7pm Sunday, have project start at 6pm by bringing news down to one hour, unless their just hanging on till Junior Masterchef starts.

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