Have You Been Paying Attention? gets adaptation in Cyprus

Working Dog sell format rights to a third territory.

More success for Have You Been Paying Attention? with an announcement during last night’s show that format rights have been sold to Cyprus.

ΔΩΣE BAΣH! marks the second international sale for the show, following a New Zealand adaptation hosted by Hayley Sproull.

Not bad for a show that faced very ordinary ratings in its infancy and is now a bonafide hit.

Producers Working Dog have previously sold Thank God You’re Here to the US, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Israel, and Denmark.

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    1. Cyprus is a divided island with the northern portion under Turkish control. The southern portion is an independent republic called the Republic of Cyprus, sometimes referred to as “Greek Cyprus” though this is misleading. It is culturally Greek but is not part of. Apr 15, 2020 Wikipedia

  1. I was recently listening to one of Ed Kavalee’s many podcasts and on this one he was chatting to Tom Gleisner about Thank God You’re Here. Tommy G spoke about the international adaptions. The Chinese one was interesting because in China you can’t make fun of anyone in authority. Politicians and the military obviously, but also teachers and doctors. So a lot of the Australian premises couldn’t be reused in China

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