Melbourne switches onto roadmap reveal

Ratings: With less than an hour's notice a press conference was nearly the biggest audience in Melbourne yesterday.

Never mind a room reveal, Melburnians were glued to their screens for another reveal yesterday with 311,000 watching Close of Business on ABC News at midday -in reality that was Premier Daniel Andrews’ roadmap for the state.

With just an hour’s notice, that figure was only bettered locally by 6pm News and The Block.

The Block was the top entertainment drawcard at 924,000, rising to 985,000 for the Room Winner.

That was ahead of Shetland (620,000 from 7:40pm), Plate of Origin (459,000) and Family Feud (247,000 from 7:30pm).

Later 60 Minutes won its slot at 622,000 then Midsomer Murders (524,000) and Crime Investigation Australia: Most Famous (339,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 33.1% then Seven 23.6%, ABC 20.4%, 10 13.1% and SBS 9.8%.

Nine News (1.04m) was best for Nine. A later edition managed 295,000.

Seven News also pulled 1.04m for Seven. Between Two Worlds concluded on just 131,000 / 90,000 with a cliffhanger unlikely to ever be resolved.

ABC News drew 829,000 for ABC. Australia Remastered was 278,000.

The Sunday Project was 424,000 / 272,000 for 10. 10 News First (260,000 / 182,000) and FBI (199,000 / 130,000) followed.

On SBS it was Lost Worlds and Hidden Treasures (196,000), Tour de France (155,000) and SBS World News (146,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 6 September 2020

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  1. Well between two worlds has come to an end and unfortunately many questions won’t be answered. I knew that mikael guy was shifty.

    I doubt it will be back but it kept me entertained.

  2. David you’ve listed ABC twice, think it should be 10 for one of them?

    “Nine network won Sunday with 33.1% then Seven 23.6%, ABC 20.4%, ABC 13.1% and SBS 9.8%.”

  3. Oh god I’d actually forgotten about BTW… I figured seven would double up on eps to burn it off and it was long finished by now. Will go down as one of the great disappointments of the year for me.

  4. 7Two’s new line-up did not do well (MASH, Escape To The Country, World’s Most Secret Homes and The Hotel Inspector), the channel is used to 7mate-esque shares.

    I’d imagine Seven will change that by today/tomorrow, as well as Plate Of Origin (surely that’s a liability now).

  5. I watched this “news” for 10 minutes for him to read out the plan that was leaked 6 days earlier and got on with the rest of my day. It was a disrupted fathers day connecting with one of my daughters via a live stream. Shetland finale was good.

      1. I haven’t started yet. Is it worth watching despite the cliff hanger and no resolution?

        It always irks me that shows have a cliffhanger and are not renewed. There are too many shows to count that have had this fate. Playing for Keeps is a recent example and Brothers and Sisters an older example.

        1. No! Don’t know why I bothered, really.
          Especially now that we will never know what happens in the end and what the point of the whole long drawn out exercise really was.
          Gorgeous Sydney locations though, especially the clifftop house overlooking the ocean at North Avalon.

  6. Depressing way for us to spend Father’s Day

    How were the ratings on the other channels, inculding the main ABC channel (which held Landline back 90 minutes until 2pm)

    I was watching ABC but flicked to Seven after the camera didn’t pan/zoom to show the graphs been spoken to. Ended up spending the rest of conference there as I liked their ticker of key points on the screen.

    Networks must be annoyed though – no ad breaks for 2 hours, then people swichedboff to enjoy the sunny arvo.

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