Pandemic disrupted Seven prediction

When Seven predicted big numbers for its shows, that was before COVID was even a thing.

Late last year Seven boldly predicted to its media buyers how key 2020 shows would perform.

Plate of Origin was tipped to lift on its timeslot by +81% year on year in -54s. Sadly it was not to be.

A Seven source tells TV Tonight that while Plate of Origin performed lower than expectations it was also denied its Olympic Games momentum, which would have allowed for maximum exposure and an air of international competition.

But they also noted Farmer Wants a Wife was very successful, and outperformed its original prediction of just +15%. While Pooch Perfect also fell short, Big Brother has been another 2020 success.

SAS Australia will need to lift by +63% to fulfill predictions, while Mega Mini Golf Holey Moley is now out to 2021, which nobody saw coming.

TVT predicts Seven will probably pull back from tipping those kinds of numbers in the future…

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  1. Although I though plate of origin was just mkr with different judges and happy to see we have all moved past that idea of a show, it’s very fair to say the olympics would have given it a boost in numbers considering its concept

    1. So what would the spin have been if it still tanked if it ran after the Olympics?

      Sure there may have been higher numbers on debut, but it was always a turkey, people would still have tuned out in droves

  2. And what of Seven’s lauded family sitcom “Family Time ” I think it was called. That’s been in the can for ages… is the sad fact that it’s basically …not very funny ?
    Creator Michael Horrocks left the building earlier this year.
    Another mystery is ” Mate’s On A Mission” starring Shane Jacobson, Todd McKenney and Kris Smith travelling all over the world in a ” travel comedy series ” That would have cost an absolute bomb and was shot last year all over the world…Seven have been deathly silent.
    Another turkey to be buried away over Summer perhaps ?

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