Plate of Origin caught in crossfire

Ratings: The Block and Masked Singer duke it out ...leaving POO in fourth place of origin.

It was a two horse race last night in early evening entertainment, with Seven’s new cooking show caught in the crossfire.

The Block won its slot with 744,000, just ahead of  The Masked Singer on 729,000 (rising to 938,000 for the reveal of Lucy Durack).

Australian Story (656,000), 7:30 (655,000) and Plate of Origin (510,000) followed, the latter landing fourth in its slot and a drop on its Sunday debut.

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? drew 766,000 then Four Corners (478,000), Media Watch (471,000), Celebrity IOU (348,000) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (290,000).

Nine network won Monday with 27.1% then Seven 25.1%, 10 21.7%, ABC 17.7% and SBS 8.5%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.21m / 1.12m for Seven. The Chase (649,000 / 373,000), Home and Away (617,000) followed. Chicago Fire was 178,000.

Nine News (1.03m / 1.02m) led for Nine. A Current Affair was 781,000 with Hot Seat at 535,000 / 308,000 and a late Nine News edition (265,000).

The Project drew 536,000 / 318,000 for 10. 10 News First ( 367,000 / 248,000) and Just for Laughs: Uncut (217,000) also ranked for ABC.

ABC News led its slot at 791,000. Q&A (307,000) and The Drum (189,000) followed for ABC.

On SBS it was How the Victorians Built Britain (206,000),  SBS World News (177,000), Tour de France (140,000), Surviving the Virus (134,000) and Mastermind (94,000.

NCIS led multichannels at 206,000.

Sunrise: 250,000
Today: 223,000
News Breakfast: 137,000 / 59,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 31 August 2020

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  1. The issue was it was MKR all over again, the contestants comments of whose food was best was no different from what MKR was all about. I turn off the first night.
    Each episode should have been challengers that all participated in and mentored and judged, Manu should have been rested after MKR and Gary and Matt given what that so best, mentor, suggest, suggest doubt, in the end up the best dish that could be created under th country cooking Then judged and eliminated when they fell short. The contestants should be there to encourage one another to create the best, not critique each other’s cuisine. Each country has it own interpretations of great dishes. Seven also played into the stereotypical French arrogance of the French created the modern day techniques as they ridiculed the “Aussie’ team. Or the Indian of adding more spice. All not needed in a good cooking competition it’s about…

  2. How many nights a week have they filled with POO, I wonder if they will do like House Rules and start combining the episodes into 3 hour long ones, which unfortunately makes them even more drawn out and unwatchable, just to burn it off quicker over less nights?

  3. It seems to be that shows with titles that fit so well for ratings puns always seem to struggle in the ratings…I’m thinking of The Biggest Loser and does anyone remember that Nine show Excess Baggage? Of course, with an acronym like POO, it’s just too easy. How about the ratings wrap tomorrow? “Seven in ratings POO” or “POO sinks Seven’s night”

  4. Here’s an idea for 7 on how to use Garry, Matt and Manu – Revive Iron Chef! Get top chefs to compete against each other. Maybe Manu as Iron Chef French. Use their MKR and Masterchef connections to get Pho Ling Yeow as Iron Chef Chinese and Colin Fassnidge as Iron Chef Ireland. Needs somebody bubbly and outrageous to host – Rebel Wilson comes to mind. Matt and Garry as judges with celebrity guest judge each week. Put them up against top chefs like Matt Moran, Curtis Stone .as well as MKR and Masterchef favourites

    1. I completely agree with bringing back Iron Chef! Loved the original series.
      I disagree with Seven producing it though. They’d completely stuff it up. Sorry, but they’ve got a track record now.
      If the ABC made it, it’d be a cracker

  5. I too get the feeling Seven and maybe even Gary, Matt and Manu themselves were thinking Plate of Origin wasn’t going to work, in all honesty.

    Question now is what they do with the three highly priced judges, as well as My Kitchen Rules, etc. Warburton (as was reported 9 years ago at 10 and recently apparently loves Matt and Gary and are close? But surely even regular approaches on BH&G, Sunrise, Morning Show, etc wouldn’t be worth the money.

      1. 7 could decide to try a new food format with Matt and Gary early next year to try and get the jump on Masterchef. No one can deny they’re good talent. But it’d be a risk especially if they’ve failed once. Other than that 7 might decide they’re done with food reality. I think those are the only two choices 7 have.

  6. We have POO another go last night but didn’t last long before switching between The Block + Masked Singer.
    Always happy to support locally produced shows but boring tv is boring tv.
    POO is a yawnfest

    1. completely agree – I think seven were aware POO would be a stinker, hence the much publicised acquisition of the voice. This will leave both seven and nine without a key food title though – perhaps nine will look at MKR? or is that a seven studios production?

    2. Tried and tested perhaps… but as one of the all time great drive by press releases from Nine stated on the weekend, it’s an ageing format that has lost a lot of its lucrative financial benefits. I really don’t think it’s a definitive, blockbuster answer to Seven’s dwindling reality offerings. They really need to go back to the drawing board.

      Seriously tho… how amazing was that gloriously snarky response to 7 nabbing the Voice? Haha! Classic.

  7. I had thought it was her for a couple of weeks. You could hear the musical theatre background & with her guest appearance on Neighbours.
    Ten will miss TMS’s ratings over the next week. It really is their only shining light with Bachelor underperforming.
    POO as I predicted yesterday went down. I have stayed with the Block & TMS as it seems have a lot of people. It also helps TMS that the Block finishes just before the unmasking

  8. Not surprised POO dropped further. Slow and dull as dishwater!
    Are these teams made up of the MKR rejects – dull personalities and can’t really cook. What is the point of having the contestants sitting around a dinner table if they aren’t scoring the teams? Trying to copy the MAFS format of bitchy comments but failing miserably! Has no bearing on teams results at all – utterly pointless. People may have given 2nd episode a go but doubt many will watch tonight!

        1. Yes I think it was a originally sold as an MKR spin-off “My Kitchen Rules: Plate of Origin”. Two things put an end to that 1) MKR tanking this year and 2) Gary and Matt’s refusal to be associated with anything under the “MKR” title

  9. I feel 7 believed it was the judges that made Masterchef the success it has had but l feel the format is what keeps us coming back. Whilst l loved Garry & Matt on MC but l dont think their star power was big enough to draw the masses in. POO will struggle in my view.

  10. I sort of felt the writing was on the wall for POO with MKR tanking so badly this year and the new Masterchef judges being so well received. I can’t help but think these three presenters/judges maybe need some time away, to give viewers a chance to miss them before trying another project.
    I don’t imagine Gary and Matt came cheap, so it’s quite the misfire for seven, who’ve otherwise done pretty well launching new (well, new for them) shows this year.

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