Rumour: Mariah for The Voice?

Lots of raised eyebrows over suggestions that Mariah Carey is being pursued for The Voice….

The Age/ Sydney Morning Herald ran speculation yesterday;

The fate of the judges is uncertain. But CBD has learnt that Seven West Media chief executive James Warburton, who plans to cut the program’s costs to about $20 million, is wrapping up negotiations with Carey to appear in the series next year. If successful the signing will be a formidable statement of competitive intent against his free-to-air TV rivals.

That certainly got more tongues wagging on radio and online.

In such mega-casting calls, it it normally the network not the production company that hires the A-listers, and Carey is understood to indeed be one of a number of potential coaches who has been approached. But that doesn’t mean it will come to pass, pending such things as a) fee b) interest c) fee d) availability and d) fee.

Seven looking to cut costs could knock her out of the running, but it would also be a mighty coup for October Upfronts should it come to pass.

Meanwhile Woman’s Day has speculated Australian Idol could be making a return, possibly with Guy Sebastian as judge. I wish I had $1 for everytime Idol rumours rebound (but I’m guilty of that myself). Given Seven has obviously moved its interest from Idol (it had an option) to The Voice there is therefore a possibility of elsewhere. 10 Upfronts are also in October.


  1. I would love it for an all Aussie version of the show, we have some great talent out there. We don’t need to look overseas for talent that does not understand what it takes to make it in Australia, forget trying to make a global superstar from the show, it is not going to happen.

  2. When daily fail reported on this yesterday I thought it was a joke. I was thinking sure Mariah Carey will commit to living here for a few months of the year or longer. Didn’t think it would be possible.

  3. I didnt her on american idol but i dont think shes worth the money. Dont want anymore of the voice bring back australian idol where we can connect to the contestants!!

  4. Kerry Packer gloated that you only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime.
    Looks like Mariah Carey has had two …two potential suitors named James…both offering lucrative gifts ….wonder if she’ll take the bait ?

  5. No disrespect to Mariah, but the lack of support to showcase Australian artists and use these as draw cards astounds me.
    I appreciate that Delta and Guy were Australian artists, but still the hype promoted the international artists.
    I think the sector should promote Australian talent to judge future Australian talent!

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