SBS picks up Lennon’s Last Weekend

SBS has picked up Lennon’s Last Weekend, a documentary about an interview John Lennon gave just before he died.

The doco, which comes ahead of the 40th anniversary of his murder in December this year, illuminates what was to be his final interview with archival footage, photographs and conversations with people who knew him.

The interview took place in New York with Andy Peebles of the BBC in December 1980, after Lennon and Yoko Ono had not spoken to the media for more than five years.

Jonathan Ford, managing director at Abacus Media Rights, said: “When this world-exclusive interview took place nobody could have known that this would be the very last opportunity for John to open up to the world with his innermost thoughts.

“This is a captivating and poignant documentary and a ‘must-have’ feature to highlight the anniversary of the passing of one of the most influential music makers and pop icons of all time.”

Meanwhile SBS has also picked up Canadian mystery drama Trickster.

The 6×part series, based on Son of a Trickster, the bestselling trilogy by author Eden Robinson, has been already greenlit for a second season.

“Trickster is at first sight an irreverent coming-of-age story – teen angst, family pressures and social complications – but dig deeper and the story explores issues of identity, cultural heritage and family legacy as seen through an Indigenous perspective,” said Ford.

Source: C21

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