Seven locks onto Upfront date

Seven has now confirmed a virtual Upfront for its 2021 programming slate for Wednesday October 21.

Seven’s invitation, which promises “star-studded entertainment,” teased photos of Farmer Wants a Wife, Big Brother, Holey Moley and Ultimate Tag.

There are press rumours today about Mariah Carey as a Voice coach …which would be a helluva coup if Seven could pull it off.

Nine has already held its 2021 presentation, with 10’s event next on October 15.


  1. Well surely international coaches are out.

    Seven pretty much have a blank slate for the year – think other than Big Brother and Farmer Wants a Wife all their other 7.30pm franchises seem unlikely to return.

  2. Mr game show fan

    Is this upfront presentation (and the 10 Upfronts) going to live streamed to the public or are both industry only like 9 was for their 2020 Upfronts?

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