Seven News: Claremont Serial Killings Trial: The Verdict

On Thursday Seven News WA will cover the verdict in one of state’s highest profile trials: The Claremont Serial Killings Trial.

Coverage across the day in WA on September 24:

Sunrise from 6am WST. Special coverage on the history of the shocking cases and what to expect in tomorrow’s verdict. Hosted by Matt Tinney.

7News: Claremont: The Verdict (live rolling coverage) from 9am WST until a verdict is handed down, with the Morning News live from Perth hosted by Rick Ardon and Tim McMillan. We’ll speak to experts including criminal lawyer Michael Tudori and the legal specialist from the Claremont podcast, Damien Cripps.

7News at 4pm WST: Rick Ardon live from the District Court, Susannah Carr from Claremont and Samantha Jolly in the studio and our team of reporters on location. This will cover the highlights of the reaction during the day and breaking news regarding the verdict.

7News at 6pm WST : Susannah Carr will be live from Claremont and Rick Ardon live from the District Court. Rick and Sue are the only presenters who have been there from the very beginning. Beyond the day’s reaction from the court, from families, from police and from the streets of Claremont, will be one of Alison Fan’s special reports. This will include details no-one has ever heard about the police investigation and how it was handled after Operation Macro was shut down, and the chilling final phone call Jane Rimmer made to a friend before heading out on a fateful, tragic night.


  1. I’m in Perth and this honestly feels like a non event. He won’t be found guilty. The intrigue with this case ended a long time ago when it became apparent there really wasn’t any hard evidence to charge him with murder.

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