TVSN moves to Channel 16

Shopping channel is moving home from today.

Shopping channel TVSN is moving from Channel 14 to Channel 16 from 6am today.

The channel which sells products in Fashion, Health, Beauty, Kitchen, Electronics, Homewares and Jewellery features presenters including Moira McLean (pictured), Rozz Switzer, Jamie Malcolm, Alyssa-Jane Cook and Lee Bradley.

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  1. I rescanned as 13 disappeared on Fetch, says unknown channel or unavailable.

    In SA ch 1 is 10 HD, then 10 (10 SD), 11 (Peach), 12 (Bold), 13 (Shake), no channel 14, 15 (10 HD), 16 (TVSN) and 17 (Spree TV)

    No channel 14, so maybe they’re saving that one for a future channel?

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