2.1m viewers storm NRL Grand Final

Ratings: Nine pulls a massive 49.3 share -Nine's biggest all year.

The NRL Grand Final drew 2.1m metro viewers as Melbourne Storm defeated Penrith Panthers.

In Sydney there were 848,000 viewers followed by Melbourne (608,000) and Brisbane (492,000).

Including regional viewers the number climbed to 2.97m.

The numbers were also higher than 2019’s 1.86m metro/ 2.65m (with regional).

Nine network won the night with a massive 49.3% share -Nine’s biggest all year- then Seven 20.0%, ABC 13.5%, 10 10.9% and SBS.

Nine News also won its slot at 1.11m viewers, with a late edition at 526,000.

Seven News drew 1.08m viewers. Billion Dollar Cruises at Sea was 454,000 and movie: A Star is Born pulled 284,000.

ABC News was 636,000 but Restoration Australia was the top entertainment show of the night at 494,000 viewers. Grantchester (431,000), Doc Martin (240,000) and Australia Remastered (190,000) followed.

The Sunday Project led for 10 at 394,000 / 328,000. 10 News First (321,000 / 247,000), The Graham Norton Show (218,000) and FBI (140,000 / 133,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (190,000), Children of the Sun (157,000) and Concorde (142,000).

Melburnians turned onto ABC News for a morning press conference with 255,000 nationally.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 25 October 2020.

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  1. Nine got an incredible >50% share during the tennis this year, so last night was technically not their biggest? (Although, can you believe it, a >60% share then came along the other night, boy oh boy)

  2. I can’t believe 7 put A Star is Born on last night. It should have been on next sunday night when there was no grandfinals to watch. I watched the nrl last night and I love this movie.

  3. I was on 10 all night….If I never again see another red faced footy fan …screaming their teams name and sticking their heads in front of the TV camera…it will be too soon….😡

  4. I’ve watched NRL on 9now through Fetch TV. However, our family had to put up with Gus & even Ray in the commentary. Ray mispronounced names like Welch as Welsh while Gus continued on his blatant bias towards Panthers. Even on Player and Coach cam, there’s commentary from Gus and Ray.
    Nevertheless, 9 will be very happy about the ratings.

  5. It was a great match and pretty close towards the end. If the Penrith try was awarded in the beginning, we could have seen a different winner. Overall, Nine should be happy with the ratings and will top the week.

  6. The game was a good one to watch, but seriously, the NRL need to learn big lessons about how to do pre- and half-time presentations. I think this year’s was the least engaging I can remember.

    1. Only because the Melbourne Storm were in the GF and the silly other channels don’t give Melbourne viewers good alternatives. I must admit I don’t know anyone in Melbourne that watched the NRL non of my friends, work mates or family did, I often wonder if the ratings agency makes a guess

    1. Probably 10’s numbers against a big sporting event (esp in the NRL states) isn’t a standard/fair comparison. Graham Norton’s Sunday showing on 10 is a pretty swift ‘encore’ showing (aka a repeat from Fri eve). Channel 10 after 8.30pm on Fri & Sat nights (and some Sundays too) for quite a while now – are very barren, uninspiring and uncompetitive line-ups – mostly re-runs of some kind. Seems like most of its firepower deliberately being targeted on Mon to Thu nights where presumably it feels it can better capitalise.

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