Friday Flashback: Helen Reddy

"These are the best years for me." When Helen Reddy lived alone as a pensioner in Sydney.

In 2011 Helen Reddy told Today Tonight‘s David Richardson she was living happily as a pensioner living in Sydney.

Out of the spotlight she revealed, “These are the best years for me.”

Meanwhile ABC’s rage will also remember two Aussie singers from 10am on Saturday morning.

  • MAX MERRITT & THE METEORS Ain’t You Glad It’s Over (Live on GTK) (ABC)
  • MAX MERRITT & THE METEORS A Little Easier (Live, 1975) (Arista)
  • MAX MERRITT Slipping Away (Live on The Fat, 2003) (ABC)
  • HELEN REDDY Imagination (MCA)
  • HELEN REDDY Interview on ABC Arts, 1973 (ABC)
  • HELEN REDDY I Am Woman (Capitol)

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  1. Helen Reddy was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006, and Vanessa Amorosi sang a fantastic version of I Am Woman as a tribute to Helen. The look on Helens face when Vanessa hit those signature high notes of hers was priceless. It’s on YouTube “Vanessa Amorosi/I am Woman/ Aria Awards….well worth a look if you love the song

  2. Helen Reddy was before my time and I thought she was a one hit wonder. I went to Youtube and looked up some of her music and she had a lot of classic songs as well as I am Woman. A great talent.

  3. Nice story 9 years ago, but certainly, unlike what Today Tonight wanted you to think, Helen certainly wouldn’t have been broke, living pension to pension. Yes, she mentions a pension card, but her home wouldn’t be counted in that, likely worth 2 million, plus lots of other cash I’m sure. She ended up moving to LA too (obviously after this story).
    Good on her, but broke, No.
    She didn’t sound the friendliest person around unfortunately, which is a shame!

    1. I didn’t hear her mention a pension card. She said that she had her pension fund; that she’d been her own businesswoman for 17 years and had her own fund, but that she lived frugally and simply and didn’t need a lot of money. And as for friendly, she seemed warm and approachable; liking one’s own company and the peace and quiet to hear one’s own thoughts is simply a personality trait, and we’d have not much great art, music, literature, or even science and technological advancements, if a proportion of people weren’t so disposed. Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing this.

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