Regular Old Bogan

7mate's no-frills comedy is full of raucous -often offensive- humour and is about to become a cult hit.

Adult themes:

Aussie dad Gavin Stubbs is right at home watching the fishing channel, wearing his moccasins, sucking on a tinnie and firing up a few snags on the barbie.

Wife Wendy could do with a little bit more “me” time, while teen son Toby tries his hand at sewing and 8 year old sister Mary-Sue wants to “drop some bickies.”

Welcome to the hilarious, frequently outrageous world of Regular Old Bogan -a new adult animated series from 7mate.

Australia hasn’t produced too many adult animations in the vein of South Park or Big Mouth -Working Dog’s Pacific Heat- is an exception- but two Melbourne writer / animators Mark Nicholson & Sebastian Peart of Stepmates Studios are about to unleash their new 6 part comedy.

And they don’t hold back with language, concepts and taboos, all mercilessly lampooned in their crosshairs.

In the first episode the Stubbs family run over a kangaroo which soon punches back.

“Oh for f***’s sake, does every family trip have to end up in a fight?” asks mum Wendy.

Later Gavin decides to take his textiles-loving son Toby on a fishing trip to Spoof Creek while bored shitless Mary-Sue wants to get her vagina pierced (are you getting this?).

“Weekends are for getting lit mum!”

But the fishing trip is derailed when the boys meet up with a demented outback character who appears to be straight out of Wolf Creek.

“Dad, what if he’s one of those crazy outback serial killers?” asks Toby.

“I’m sure he’s just a polite, good old-fashioned country fella,” insists Gavin.

Meanwhile Wendy has her hands full keeping Mary-Sue entertained until a grandmother recommends a little Phenergan should do the trick.

“Give yourself a hard earned break,” Wendy is told. “Anything’s possible with Phenergen!”

In episode two Gavin has a bad case of Man-flu which causes penises to bleed, while another will see Mary-Sue kidnapped by a pack of wild dingoes.

The punchlines come thick and fast without apology from a crew which knows their audience well. Spawned from a web series produced in a home shed (where the series is also produced), this is a match-fit for 7mate.

Writer / directors Mark Nicholson & Sebastian Peart supply multiple voices, joined by Natalie Bond, John Nelder and Peter Corrigan.

While all the characters have little more than a dash for an eye, visually the show appears to be South Park inspired, moving front of field characters across static backdrops. None of it gets in the way of raucous comedy and a narrative that neatly ties up its premise.

There are moments that may offend -a predilection for genitals, some entrenched misogyny from the blokes- but paired with Housos 2020: The Lockdown (which offends all in equal measure) you know what you’re signing up for. And even though it has fun mocking manhood, particularly between father & son, it does so with clever commentary.

Methinks Regular Old Bogan is about to become a cult favourite.

9pm Mondays on 7mate.

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  1. Sorry I was so so looking forward to this. I was interested after seeing the promos. Within 5 minutes it has fallen into cliche comedy falling back on dropping swear words every two sentences to make a laugh. Also within 5 minutes there is a ‘joke’ about just because the teenage son does textiles makes him gay.

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