Renewed: The Outpost

US fantasy-adventure The Outpost has been renewed for 13 more episodes ahead of the launch of its third season.

The series stars Jessica Green as the lone survivor of a race called the “Blackbloods.” The cast also includes NZ actress Robyn Malcolm.

The CW is not calling it a fourth season but rather an additional 13 episodes of season three. In June, the series became one of the first US shows to restart production in Serbia.

The series previously screened in Australia on the former Syfy channel but now appears to be homeless since the launch of FOX Sci Fi last December.

Source: Deadline

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  1. The Outpost was far from great but made a good filler show when there wasn’t much to watch. Unfortunately it is a perfect example of why Foxtel shouldn’t consolidate channel’s – by replacing Syfy with a purely repeat channel (similar to what’s also happened with Fox Comedy and Comedy Channel) there is less premiere content. Syfy’s main premieres at closure were Outpost and Magicians – both of which are now homeless because they don’t fit in with Foxtel’s premiere channels programming (FOX8, FOX One, FOX Showcase).

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