SBS confirms 2021 Upfront date

Virtual presentation of distinctive, inspiring and entertaining programs set for mid-November.

SBS has now confirmed its 2021 Upfront presentation.

A virtual Upfront will take place on Wednesday November 18, as it unveils “the most distinctive, inspiring and entertaining programs coming to SBS in 2021 – programs that reflect the true diversity of Australia on screen and behind the camera.”

That just leaves ABC with a date yet to be locked in, expected in November.

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  1. “Programmes that reflect the true diversity of Australia ” ?
    Yeah and pigs may fly , but really we’ll be showing you heaps more British documentaries Monday to Friday about Queen Victoria’s underground tunnels, any Hitler documentary we can lay our hands on , and trains, trains, trains…did I mention more trains ? What BS and when will they get held to account for this junk lazy programming ?

    1. The shows SBS produce here are very high in diversity, especially when compared to commercial broadcasters. The govt looked at how some shows meet charter and concluded you can pretty much get pass off any show on cultural grounds. From what I’ve seen of Portillo’s trains, there is more screen time on local history than carriages. But I do think the abundance is overkill and shows like X Files and Poltergeist are off Charter.

  2. I know one thing that won’t feature at their upfronts that usually has in the past….. soccer/football. SBS have next to no football now. Their World Game program isn’t even being shown. I still enjoy their docos though.

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