1. Really enjoyed Halifax. Loved how it ended and Rebecca Gibney is just fantastic and one day needs t be in the hall of fame. Kudos to Claudia Karvan on her character to.

  2. I really enjoyed watching Halifax: Retribution and I really hope there is another season. And I’m really glad 9Gem is going to show the original series of Halifax because I never saw it.

    • 20 of the original 21 Halifax f.p. tele-movies are available on 9Now (have been for a while now) so you don’t necessarily need to wait until next Tuesday:


      For reasons unbeknown to me Nine removed or pulled the 4th episode of season 1 … “My Lovely Girl” a week or two after they were made available … curious to know why though.

  3. It looks like the Final finished higher than the debut. Which is a great result for the live viewing and I assume more caught up on time shifting after the debut and perhaps of mouth of word and reviews encouraged further viewing.
    Here’s hoping networks still invest in Aussie drama!

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