Upfronts 2021: Seven live blog

Live Blog:

Seven’s 2021 virtual Upfront presentation for advertisers and media is underway.

This post updates. Just hit refresh for the latest info!

First glimpse of Holey Moley, with a golf ball inserted into other 7 shows.

Greg Norman intro for the show, says being the “resident golf pro” is the highlight of his career.

American Rob Riggle jokes it will be the #1 show in the history of Australia.

Kochie and Sam now at Sunrise pushing HM “The whole country needs something to make us laugh again.”

James Warburton begins welcome. He admits the year was disrupted: “It sure as hell affected us more than our competitors” but says “we’re in good shape… if you read otherwise perhaps take a look at who owns the newspaper obsessed with writing about us.”

He also says “We love the cricket…” and “we will hold Cricket Australia accountable.”

He adds, “It’s been too long since we launched back to back hits…. amongst all the pain of this year we delivered in our demos.”

Warburton acknowledges Sunrise unbeaten, plus Seven News, Home & Away.

“We are a content company…. an audience gatherer.”

A special nod to Perth success from CEO.

“Don’t bet against us. The 5 biggest tentpole shows in the world will be on Seven.”

More programming confirms:

Big Brother is a “house full of secrets”, new twists…. looks a bit like a carnival ride.

Sam Armytage introduces Nat. Gruzlewski and Farmer Wants a Wife…. glimpses of new farmers, Mat, Sam and more. Still on the hunt for singles.

The Voice… no coaches but it may be coming?

Onto Ultimate Tag…. the world’s fastest show. This presentation is quick too.

Telethon & Good Friday Appeal get a mention a part of Seven giving airtime to causes.

Natalie Barr introduces Seven News as we look back on 2020… bushfires, protests, George Floyd, pandemic, lockdown -get me to 2021!

For those wondering, ad placement such as 7RED is being showcased within these programming highlights, but I am filing mostly on content.

More 7News clips… including 7Spotlight reel from 2020. Ivan Milat Buried Secrets factual coming to 7.

The Voice… no coaches named today. Boo. Set to follow Tokyo Olympics.

Kochie & Sam introduce Home & Away then Better Homes & Gardens.

Onto Drama… first scenes of RFDS look intense.

Australian Gangster confirmed to screen.. still coy on details due to legals. Australia’s Got Talent is back, Ricki-Lee hosting with international acts coming.

Edwina Bartholomew introduces 7Plus then Marketing boss Charlotte Valente talked REDiQ for advertisers.

Mel McLaughlin and we are onto Sport, zooming with stable of presenters, beginning with this weekend’s Cox Plate and AFL then Cricket (yup), Supercars,

IOC’s John Coates confirms Olympics are proceeding. Hurrah! “These games will go ahead, fit for a COVID-19 era… there will be a lot of testing but no quarantine.”

Good to see Paralympics is also featured…

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 are confirmed on 7. Two big events 7 months apart… it has never happened before.

Chief Revenue Officer Kurt Burnette now talks to advertisers. VOZ ratings are finally coming for the industry. Another hurrah.

Waiting for the big surprise…

Australian Idol in 2022.

That’s a wrap!


  1. joshuasummers

    Channel 7’s 2021 slate looks exciting. Quite solid all year. I personally hope they don’t pause everything for the olympics, but allow different options? Very competitive

  2. joshuasummers

    I wonder how Channel 7 will cope with having both The Voice & Australian Idol. Maybe this is the final season of The Voice? Singers need to apply for 2 shows….

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