SBS on Demand: Commandos, When The Dust Settles.

Dutch and Danish thrillers, Commandos and When The Dust Settles will premiere this Thursday at SBS on Demand.

Both are 2020 titles.

Thursday, 19 November
All ten episodes available to stream. In Dutch with English subtitles.
Three years ago, a Dutch Special Forces team led by Commander John de Koning (Werner Kolf) was secretly sent to Northern Nigeria to rescue an important hostage kidnapped by Boko Haram. A covert mission that turned into a nightmare.
In addition to the terrorists, many civilians – including a group of young girls – were killed, and the liberated man turned out to be a monster and a paedophile.
Now, John is charged with protecting a Nigerian Minister visiting the Netherlands as a guest of honour. This minister turns out to be none other than the man John’s team rescued three years ago in Nigeria, where he’s now an important politician. He wants assurances that his reputation will not be tainted by what happened back then.
When his best friend and colleague is shot dead, John realises that he and the former members of his platoon are all in great danger.

When The Dust Settles
Thursday, 19 November
All ten episodes available to stream. In Danish with English subtitles
When The Dust Settles consists of a handful of seemingly detached stories with different main characters in very different life situations. Eight stories, each with its own character gallery and plot, which are slowly merged and whose universes cross throughout the ten episodes. The story culminates in the context of a violent event that affects all the main characters and changes their lives forever.
When the dust settles is not a ‘who-done-it’ series. It does not focus on finding the perpetrators, but instead about what happens in the individual and in society when our safety is threatened. It is a series about the cohesion that connects us, and how the choices we make affect not only our own, but also the lives of others.

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