1. David , may i ask how channel 78 went the racing.com channel , they also showed the race live , i noticed here in my Queensland region that there was a 5-6 second delay on Ten Win.

  2. All I recall from the race was seeing yet another poor horse flogged to death, a jockey fined and suspended for flogging his horse with the whip, and how the winning horse almost collapsed and buckets of water had to be hurriedly thrown over him. Such a disgraceful event described as ‘sport’.

        • Also on the flipside of that if the advertisers know they have a certain audience that they want to appeal to with their products and most of the 1.41m of those are in that, then 10 can still charge top dollar for advertising rates (helping the bottom line). I’ve been having that thought since the AFL Ratings, basically thinking they likely would have got similar numbers in the afternoon, it just means they would have lost the bragging rights of 60+% as they wouldn’t have been counted. Same number of people tuning in, same demographics, just as much appeal for advertisers as Twilight/Night time as the audience is still there to sell to regardless. Take 2016 and Metro Seven (no secondaries) share was 26.4% when 3.1m watched the AFL GF and it is that 26.4% because that 3.1m isn’t counted, so that 60.8% this year would have had Seven around that, but still a big audience to get good…

          • That’s an informative comment,I also wonder exactly how effective FTA advertising is today ,for the amount the advertiser’s spend on commercials is there a favourable return in relation to the cost and the percentage obtained in the ratings in the total sales of their products.

          • @Cathode Ray: Yes those things have been going on in my mind, I would think for the big Companies like Woolworths and Coles they would know if a particular line being advertised gets the registers ticking over. Same for Bunnings with their specials set around certain yearly events and Seasons, say like how Coles Little Shop and Woollies Oooshies worked. I would guess as well that someone like Toyota must find it works as they keep being the AFL’s partner sponsor, so they’d have to see something to continue. Same goes for Chemist Warehouse I would think and NAB keep it going as well with AusKick etc., however outside of those I wonder.

            That is also what I wonder about doing the Night Games, is that what is also enticing is it more effective, 11pm finish you go to bed often after and some ads are still top of mind when you wake up and the oh yeah have to get to <>…

  3. I enjoyed 10 coverage. Better than seven. Loved how they showed how Australia was celebrating. Loved the musical acts. I felt the cup was for the people this year, not the corporate Sector.

    • James-original

      I have to disagree. It doesn’t have the same ‘event; feel as in the past.
      Not just Co-Vid but 2019 as well. Audience numbers show the same trend.
      AFL GF got a big YoY jump in Melbourne but the Cup yesterday had the lowest ever Melbourne audience….

        • James-original

          I was doing like for like.
          Last year Melb Cup was 712k in Melbourne. this year is 700k, so decline. The last year on Seven (2018) 1.024. (significantly higher)
          Do you have different numbers?

          • James-original

            DK, you’re using old data. Ten revised the overnights a lil’ for race timings to be higher in 2019. (Not Consolidated but revised over-nights)
            Melb was 712k once 2019 start times were adjusted. This year Ten won’t revise numbers as they’d only go lower. So it’s Melbs lowest ever numbers.
            Not fanboying, just the hard numbers.

  4. 10s coverage of the Melbourne Cup was poor. It seemed as if they were all out of their depth. No where near as good as 7 I give it 6 out of 10. As for the ratings 10 out of 10.

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