Eddie McGuire to replace David Campbell for Carols by Candlelight

David Campbell forced to pull out of Carols as interstate travel remains tentative.

Eddie McGuire has been named as a surprise co-host for Carols by Candlelight next week, to replace David Campbell who has withdrawn due to the evolving COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty concerning interstate travel.

He will join Livinia Nixon, both hosting for the very first time.

“My fondest memories of Christmas as a little boy are of watching Brian Naylor host Carols by Candlelight while helping mum bake for Christmas lunch. We’d then all head off together to midnight mass. To this day, my family and I all sit down and watch Carols by Candlelight every year. In our fast-moving, ever-changing lives, Carols is a Christmas Eve tradition that we all look forward to.

“I genuinely love Christmas. Whether as a little boy or a father, it is the best time of year. We really embrace the Christmas spirit at our house.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching the show every year and I’m really excited and chuffed to be involved.”

8pm Thursday on Nine.

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  1. Shame they didn’t ask/couldn’t get Denis Walter, he would be such a good Host of it given he hosts Carols by the Bay at Eastern Beach in the Geelong every year (was on Dec 05th this year I think) and the one in Dandenong every year which was Greater Dandenong Carols on Dec 18 this year (which is on YouTube still). Plus 16 years as a news anchor for WIN News, was a fill-in for Livinia Nixon as well, then his charitable work and that he’s been a regular performer on Carols over the years, it all just screams that the ever affable Denis Walter should/could be doing it.

  2. Oh no! I quite like Eddie but not for hosting Carols. It will be like watching a pie night at the local footy club. Thankfully the lovely Lavinia will be there who is more than skilled to keep it classy, light and bubbly while she covers for any embarrassing gaffs from McGuire.
    Someone else in Nine’s stable who would do a fabulous job hosting is up and coming Dougal Beatty. Not only do I think he’d make a great replacement for Hitch reading the news when the time comes (please not Tony Jones) but he’d have great chemistry with Lavinia. He’s a good presenter, young and fresh and very watchable. Not to mention fabulous eye candy and don’t we all need a bit of that after this horrible year 🙂

      1. yes about time we had more female hosts and solo too! i would bet money on Nine being the last network to do it for an event like this, or anything really. it does seem quite archaic that there’s no female host of any entertainment or game shows etc, none i can think of anyway. It’s really weird its happened in news & current affairs but virtually no other genre.

    1. yeah the same sort of enthusiasm as the drunk uncle at xmas lunch (and no I’m not trying to imply Eddie is an alcoholic, it’s more about his persona of being like a daggy dad type, an aged relic from the old boys club)

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