FOX Cricket breaking ODI records

Across Foxtel's combined platforms, Australia v India is now the highest rating ODI series in Subscription TV history.

The Australia v India One Day International series is breaking records, now the highest rating ODI series in Subscription TV history.

Combined numbers across Foxtel, Foxtel Now, Foxtel Go and Kayo have lifted the overall viewing audience.

Game I last Friday drew an average of 470,000 viewers.
Game 2 on Sunday drew 586,000 -the most-watched ODI game ever on STV.
Game 3 on Wednesday averaged 435,000.

The series is now averaging 498,000 across combined platforms, up +31% on the three-game ODI series against India in 2019.

Women’s cricket is also up, with a combined audience of 131,000, up +24% on the 2019 Final.

Steve Crawley, Executive Director FOX Sports, said: “How good’s the cricket? The women are the best in the world and now Australia’s ODI men’s team is performing better than we’ve seen in modern times against top-rated India and Virat Kohli – it doesn’t get any better.

“Beginning the summer with the white ball has proven to be a hugely successful formula for Cricket Australia.”

FOX Cricket screens three T20’s from December 4 and the Australia A v India day-night Tour match on December 11, before the first Test on December 17.

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  1. Fox Sports is paying $700 million over 6 years for cricket so CA will be relieved the ratings for this India series have kept News Corp happy.
    The interesting point is that Seven wanted to offload The Big Bash League rights to Network Ten to reduce debt, so maybe for similar reasons ODI’s appear not to have featured highly on their wish list before COVID-19 mucked up CA’s 2020 cricket schedule.
    There does seem to be a bit of grandstanding by Seven who appear to be learning a hard lesson about investing in a sport you are not 100% familiar with, other commercial channels had to learn similar lessons as well, who knows, maybe Nine will be looking at its involvement with Rugby Australia at the end of next year too.

  2. Subscription TV will always flourish when it not only not only telecasts the product, but provides a better product with the fantastic ad free during play. Whereas 7’s cricket coverage treats the viewing audience with contempt, by not showing any of the mens ODI or T20 series…

    1. Your just like a dog 🐶with a bone on this issue aren’t you sf1965.😃
      I do agree but and i am at odds as to why the then CEO Tim Worner didnt take it up , it does baffle me and as we all know the ODIs did very well for channel 9 ,an opportunity lost and look at whats happening now.

      1. yep and I will continue whilst 7 continue to treat us with disdain. They claim they care about cricket, well then do the right thing and get the rights and show it. What they have done is akin to buying a season of a show and only showing 1/3 of the episodes.

    2. Why blame 7. CA are the ones who split up the rights to try and maximise revenue and sold the games exclusively to Foxtel.

      There have only been 2 series not broadcast on FTA. Last year’s against Sri Lanka and Pakistan and this year’s against India. It is hardly surprising that a series against India gets higher ratings.

      1. ODI matches involving Australia that are played in Australia are on the Anti Siphoning list. Foxtel only ended up with exclusive rights because no FTA channel chose to buy them. CA can’t force 7 or any other channel to buy those rights.

        1. Exactly and as Federal Minister Mitch Fifield said back in April 2018:

          “Federal minister Mitch Fifield said the anti-siphoning list does not guarantee or mandate that those sporting events (on the list) are on free-to-air TV. The anti-siphoning list gives the free-to-air broadcasters the first right to negotiate, Senator Fifield said on 2GB radio. The list is there to increase the likelihood some of these significant events are on free TV. But it’s not possible for any government to mandate that free-to-air broadcasters have to purchase certain events.”

          Via: cricket.com.au/news/cricket-australia-odi-t20-anti-siphon-list-explained-fox-sports-broadcast-deal/2018-04-14

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