Abbie Chatfield wins I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Former Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield has won the title of Queen of the ‘so called jungle’ in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

She defeated runner up Grant Denyer for the 2021 title and $100,000 for her charity Dementia Australia.

“I can’t believe it, me doing this, everything was for Grandma. I’m so so happy and really grateful I could do it for her,” she said.

10 broadcast a Live finale tonight from Sydney with its full cast before a studio audience.

It followed a pre-recorded season which relocated from Africa to northern NSW this year, due to travel and border restrictions. But viewers still embraced the ITV Studios series with its annual dose of snakes, spiders, foul food, dizzying heights and camp confessionals.

Just one celebrity, comedian Mel Buttle, called out the famed words to quit, in the first week of the show.

The final order of finalists was:

1. Abbie Chatfield
2. Grant Denyer
3. Jess Eva
4. Toni Pearen
5. Colin Fassnidge
6. Travis Varcoe
7. Ash Williams

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  1. I didn’t have the patience to watch this year, so when I look at that list the only “celebrities” I knew were Grant and Toni. I’m still nun the wiser who this winner is, but she surely must be the least well known celeb to ever win

  2. There were at least six others who deserved the win more. There is a flaw in the voting system, when someone is voted for because they have a podcast, instead of what we see on the show. With no knowledge of Abbie before this show (totally unknown to me) she was very unimpressive and did nothing to be rewarded for. Fortunately, her charity does hugely deserve the prize money.

  3. carolemorrissey

    I was shocked. I was expecting it to be between Grant & Toni. I was hoping one of them would win. Watching Abbie on the Bachelor & then on this show it was like watching two different people. I much preferred her on this.

  4. One thing I will say, this is the first season I’ve ever really watched and followed. The casting was brilliant it all seemed genuine. It was a great way to kick off the year.

    That being said, the guys involved could definitely do with some #metoo educating with some of the comments made about the female contestants.

  5. Would have thought Jess, Toni or Grant would win from media reports, although I think the combination of Abbie being bitten and BiP’s Jess Brody tattooing “SMS Abbie 1995 1010” on her arm, pushed her into winning.

  6. joshuasummers

    Congrats to all on pulling off a great season especially with the pandemic. It’s so good to see new episodes in January and all networks should give it a crack.

    David, do you know what studio/space in Sydney this was filmed at? cheers

  7. She won because of the pity vote for getting by a snake on the previous episode. So glad Grant didn’t win but the winner should’ve been Toni Pearen.

    • I don’t think that is the only answer. She has built in quite a support base since her departure from The Bachelor, many of which can be seen through her instagram.

      She also has a podcast too which I think she does weekly and seems to be quite popular.

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