Bridgerton launches big for Netflix

Shonda Rhimes period drama becomes one of Netflix's biggest launches of all time.

Netflix has claimed December 2020 and the week of Dec. 25-31 as their biggest month / week on record,  measured in total view hours and the average view hours per subscriber.

Bridgerton is now projected to reach 63 million households within 28 days of its  Christmas Day debut, which would make it the fifth largest Netflix original series launch of all time. It also reached number one in Netflix’s top 10 rankings in 76 countries.

Netflix also predicts new film We Can Be Heroes from writer and director Robert Rodriguez is project to reach 44 million households within four weeks of its debuted. A sequel is already in development.

Netflix bases its number on subscribers who have watched at least two minutes of a piece of content.

Source: Variety

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  1. Does this mean when I see Bridgerton is currently the most viewed series on Netflix Australia it’s because some are only viewing it for 2 minutes? What a daft way of reporting. As others have rightly pointed out a full episode should be counted as viewed, not 2 minutes.
    So far only one person I know has stuck with watching this. Most couldn’t make it past the first episode, like me.

  2. Hmm, I note that Netflix interpreting a 2 minute stream as a view has increased its ratings by 35%, the cynic in me says that Netflix is focusing more at its share value by attracting new subscribers than its ratings.
    To my mind a view should be one whole episode, if a viewer stops half way through it wont count.

    Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes is really for 10 year olds but well made non the less, the gaudy colours should give new Boxing Day TV’s ideal content to adjust picture settings.

  3. I agree “Netflix bases its number on subscribers who have watched at least two minutes of a piece of content.”
    Imagine our daily ratings if it was based on 2 minute segments?
    As it is the coding of ‘winners announced’ skews results, but lets advertisers know what the peak audience was.
    Perhaps Netflix rely on 2 minutes as that is the average length viewers tune into a show?! (I am being sarcastic)
    Perhaps they need a better measurement, like the whole episode…

  4. 2 minutes is not long enough to assume you have watched a series. Personally watching say 50% of a series Netflix can assume it’s successful.

    I have had many friends start a Netflix show and say to me after one or two episodes they couldn’t get into it etc.

    Great to read though that Shonda Rhimes series is considered a success though. Something 7 could note after its treatment of many Shondaland shows over the years.

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