Oops. ABC News rehearsal goes to air.

ABC News viewers were met with what appeared to be part of a technical rehearsal on Friday night when The World went to air.

Host Yvonne Yong could be seen reading out scripts, checking best position, doing last-minute make-up and awaiting directives from the control room.

It’s standard stuff for news bulletins, but preferably not being broadcast.

After a few minutes the bulletin began again in what appears to be the real thing.


  1. Utterly fascinating. Didn’t really see anything revelatory about how the program is put together but I’m always riveted by those ‘human’ moments that make the television we watch.

  2. Did this actually go to air? The watermark (ABC logo with no text) is not used on any of their broadcast channels this year, and definitely not for the ABC News Channel. Seems more like they chose the wrong start point when uploading the video to iView.

    • 2 words. Media Hub. Basically a computer at Media Hub switches to the source at the on air time and whatever is happening goes to air. As is obvious here they have a lot of feeds to deal with and can’t monitor everything. If they glanced up and saw the presenter talking they’ve obviously assumed it’s the program. Either The World was given the wrong on air time by Media Hub or the control room didn’t take note of it correctly. Anyway, the viewers always love seeing mistakes going to air haha

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