567,000 enter 10’s Cube

Ratings: 10's new game show is third in slot, Nine wins Wednesday.

The Cube kicked off for 10 last night with 567,000 tuning in, third in its slot but second in the demos.

10 cites this as its biggest game show launch since 2014. On social media Andy Lee was well received as host, although there was some commentary around the show’s pacing and number of commercial breaks.

Married at First Sight still won the slot at 891,000 then Hard Quiz 584,000. Meanwhile 7:30 drew 536,000 while Ambulance: Code Red (255,000) and Britain’s Historic Towns (235,000) trailed.

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering drew 474,000 then The Equalizer (352,000) and Aftertaste (290,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 33.1% then Seven 21.8%, 10 19.8%, ABC 16.6% and SBS 8.8%.

Nine News drew 858,000 / 857,000 for Nine while A Current Affair won its slot at 676,000. Hot Seat was 397,000 / 231,000.

Seven News was #1 at 934,000 / 875,000. Home & Away was 489,000 then The Chase 478,000 / 301,000. The Bay ended at 202,000 / 171,000.

The Project drew 464,000 / 269,000 for 10. 10 News First (299,000 / 207,000) and Bull (218,000 / 184,000) followed.

ABC News (654,000) was best for ABC. The Drum was 146,000 and Why Are You Like This was 136,000. Adam Hills: The Last Leg managed 115,000.

On SBS it was Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime (205,000), SBS World News (154,000 / 153,000), Vikings (127,000) and Mastermind (63,000).

NCIS topped multichannels at 160,000.

Sunrise: 232,000
News  Breakfast: 115,000 / 86,000
Today: 191,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 24 February 2021

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  1. The Cube was slightly better than I expected but it was all the talking, and still shots of someone agonising over a decision, and asking everyone’s opinion that was so annoying. Also some games are such that the viewer knows the result, yet they draw it out with an ad. The counting of the squares on the floor was so easy for the viewer to get the result, so you already knew that the contestant was right.

    They need to look at Tipping Point for pacing.

  2. Watched ‘Romulus’ on SBS late last night-biggest surprise theme song ever-a series about the founding of Rome in archaic Latin and it uses Tears For Fears 80s new wave ‘Mad World’! Bizarre.

  3. surprised cube did so well, especially compared to the juggernaut that is MAFS. Personally, I think it would have fit better as a 6pm show – it sucks because I know I would like it, but my tv is stuck on MAFS at the 7.30 timeslot and I cannot be bothered to watch it on 10play

  4. I streamed the Cube on 10play and it was enjoyable to watch. However the slo-mo part was too much. I felt that the challenges were quite difficult, however the guys applied in more effort to successfully complete the course. I also like the Lifelines that were used – Simplify and Swap.

  5. Channel 7 fawns over their hero Schapelle Corby.

    The very next day at 730pm, they narrowly avoid the ratings wooden spoon, edging ahead of SBS by a mere 20,000.

    Ah Poetic Justice, I love thee.

  6. I’ve been frothing at the bit for a local version for years and absolutely loved The Cube. Yup, a little tighter pacing would have bee n good but the elements were there. Not overly keen on ‘banter’ between Andy and the Cube itself but that’s just nitpicking. Do check out the cute extra of Andy testing the cube with his girlfriend on TenPlay. It’s cute. Would like to see the whole version with all their games.

  7. I loved the British version of The Cube when it was shown here some years back and also enjoyed this one but the differences were notable – much slower pace (an Australian requirement it seems) with too many slow motion shots and talking about the contestant’s decision-making processes.
    That said the production values were quite high and it does work as a prime time game show but perhaps more suited to a 7.30pm Saturday slot.
    I hope it gets a chance to breathe and build ratings because it is far better than say The Chase or further iterations of Family Feud.
    Unlike others I only knew the show was coming from David’s article – I did not see any tv advertising for it.

      1. I genuinely don’t watch a lot of free to air and rarely Ten. The last program I watched prior to The Cube on Ten was, I think, the last episodes of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.
        I simple did not see any of the promotions for The Cube outside of the articles on this website and …ahem…the printed TV guide from my local newspaper (yes, bit of a luddite.)

  8. I used to enjoy and look forward to Hard Quiz every week, now I couldn’t be bothered. Same jokes (about how everyone hates Tom) and questions that are mostly irrelevant to the chosen topic.

  9. Enjoyed The Equalizer TV show, great seeing Chris Noth back (long-time Law And Order and later Criminal Intent, as well as Sex and the City in-between and The Good Wife more recently); Queen Latifah I thought strangely fitted the role.

    Nine need to be careful with the start time, ad breaks and run time however, worry it’ll crumble into sub-100k eventually. But that’s a decent start, probably won its timeslot too?

  10. Checked out The Cube but found it quite boring and slow paced.
    I’m sure the challenges are difficult and the guys last night did really well to get that far but just didn’t find the show very engaging or interesting at all.
    A shame as I like Andy Lee and his hosting was fine.
    Better suited to an early Saturday night time slot, not prime time TV.

    1. If I was to write a comment about last nights The Cube tv show, then it would have been almost the same as what you have written, Angela. It was too slow paced to the extent it became boring.

  11. Definitely needed more ads, and maybe a more conspicuous ad to accompany the station watermark during entire programmes. Hell, they should have just put an ad in every corner of the frame. Leaving them vacant so that people can watch the current programme without obstruction is a waste of precious ad space!

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