Hughesy tweaks 10 format

Hughesy We Have a Problem returned to 10 last night for its 5th season with some minor format changes ..but I’m not so sure they all worked.

In addition to Becky Lucas & Nazeem Hussain as regular panelists, the show has now introduced point scoring, with Hughesy deciding which answer from his guests is the best for each of the problems posed.

It felt pretty unnecessary to me and at times even Hughesy was struggling to pick a ‘winner’ … the business just slowed things down. At the end of the show guest Kate Langbroek was deemed a winner for the night.

For my money, the problems format -which is essentially a comedic take on Beauty & the Beast– works perfectly well as is: question, funny answers / banter, problem solved. I didn’t really get why a ‘winner’ was necessary to introduce. Maybe just a “Best Answer of the Night” could be awarded if needed?

Part of me feels like Hughesy producers have looked too closely at Have You Been Paying Attention? and are also trying to replicate the Ed Kavalee / Sam Pang idea. But even on that show the point scoring is incidental to the true fun. It certainly doesn’t get in the way.

Hughesy We Have a Problem works perfectly well in its simplicity. It’s a fun show that trades off its panel punchlines.

I don’t need any trophy to enjoy that.


  1. Totally agree it’s ridiculous the point system unnecessary and what happened to rapid problems that even disappeared in the last season I liked it on the first in fact the first season was the best they didn’t need to tweet it.

  2. I didn’t enjoy this episode at all. The point scoring was boring and unnecessary and the supposed international guests were cringe worthy to me. I too, much prefer to see four new panelists each week, as much as Iike Nazeem.

  3. I too didn’t enjoy the point scoring for a an award at the end of the show. But even more than that I thought the addition of international celebrities under the guise of “friends of the show” was a real let down. Especially, including Gary Busey who was really just promoting his book. I much prefer real people from the public, as the problems are genuine and allow for funnier commentary.
    I’m not loving the HYBPA/ Project fusion. Back to basics Hughsey!

  4. Yeah, I agree. It’s definitely trying to copy HYBPA?, although with a really bad knock-off version of it…should have kept the old format, maybe with only one or two new segments, but that’s it.

  5. Agree about the point system not working. The guests seemed to be yelling and talking over the top of each other which ruined it for me. I also thought the canned laughter was over the top enthusiastic at some of the not so funny moments.

  6. I also don’t like having regular panelists, especially someone as un-funny as Becky Lucas. I liked having 4 different panelists each week. The first season of Hughsey was by far the best. The more they change it, the more they stuff it up.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if it was a “best panelist/answer of the night” – but every question having the “who had the best answer” slows down the show

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