Harley Bonner joins Home & Away

Former Neighbours actor Harley Bonner heads to the Bay as a trauma surgeon.

Former Neighbours actor Harley Bonner has joined Home and Away, to play trauma surgeon Dr. Logan Bennett who arrives in the bay for a patient’s life-saving intervention.

Bonner played Josh Willis on Neighbours alongside his mother, Carla Bonner, from 2013 – 2016.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had the privilege of working on a program that’s such a hallmark of Australian television,” he said. “I’m happy to say I picked it back up a lot faster than expected. I really love working on shows like Home and Away, I love my character and I can’t wait for Australia to meet him.

“I’d describe Logan as a bit of a nomad. Capable, compassionate, intelligent and fun. He’s seen and done a lot in his life, some of which he tries his best to avoid getting into. I’m intrigued to find out what we’ll discover as time goes on.”

Craig McLachlan, Guy Pearce, Bernard Curry, Ashleigh Brewer, Rhiannon Fish are other actors who have all transferred from Erinsborough to Summer Bay.

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  1. I quietly enjoyed this period of Neighbours, watched all of Harley’s time on the show (his ending was sad). It was when I’d got back into the show, around the time Kate Kendall’s family arrived (2013?) not long after that thrilling Paul – Pria Kapour story arc in 2012 (which was also very good). Think I only missed 2014, prior to this, had been a loyal viewer for as long as I could remember, mid-2000s headed by “Izzy” (Nat Bass) and the Timmins family was the best, with a soft spot for 2008 when Donna (Margot Robbie – wow)/Declan/Ringo/Bridget all became stars.

    But sadly, gave up on the show (again) at the start of 2019, when Eve Morey departed with that famous storyline, her death on the beach was the very last ep I saw I think when Callum returned.

    Used to watch Home and Away in the 2000s too, haven’t seen an ep since at least 2009 (stopped watching regularly after Esther…

    1. Weird how hospital focused the bay has gone recently. Hasn’t been like that since Racheal was in the bay.

      No police officers at the moment which I’m happy about but no Summer Bay High which is a shame. Then again all the current teens have graduated however Roo still works there apparently.

    2. Tori & Christian are not going anywhere. They get married later in the year. Penny & Ditch are still filming. Harley Bonner is only on the show for a few months. they can have more than 1 doctor in the bay.

  2. From memory, those actors from The Bay to Erinsborough: Jodi Anasta, Johnny Ruffo, Bobby Morley, Rebecca Elmaloglou and Christine Hayes. I’m sure there’s more from both productions

  3. Harley and Carla were only on Neighbours together at the very end of Harleys time on the show, it was more like for a few weeks and they shared a couple of scenes together. They weren’t there at the same time for his whole stint.

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