More veteran Neighbours cast to return

A new retirement community in Erinsborough is a chance for former cast to return.

Following the announcement that Ian Smith is returning to Neighbours, TV Tonight can reveal more veteran faces are set to return to Erinsborough via a retirement facility.

Executive Producer Jason Herbison said, “Terese Willis has been on a journey this season to open a dream project, the retirement community Eirini Rising. She is redeveloping a section of the high school and the two institutions will sit side by side, with the younger generation interacting with the seniors.

“I love creating new workplaces and this one has the potential to fold in several members of the street. It’s also been an ambition of mine to find an organic way to reintroduce some older cast members from yesteryear who I believe still have so much to offer.”

This week Neighbours confirmed Ian Smith’s return to Erinsborough -but did not use the words Ramsay Street itself.

Could that mean Harold Bishop is bound for Eirini Rising too?

“I can’t say whether Harold ends up there but he’s definitely back to live in the suburb, which is a thrill for all of us,” Herbison teased.

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  1. I’d love to see Maggie Dense back in the show. Well loved since her days of Aunty Rose in The Sullivans, but also a popular school principal in Erinsbourough during the early 90s. It is stretching credibility though that so many residents of the retirement community will have once lived on Ramsay street.

  2. I’m sure they’ve already implied Harold’s moving in to Eirini Rising – he was one of the first to buy into the development when he appeared in the return episodes last year.

        1. I think he means the actor Ton Oliver who is still alive so he could comeback if indeed he is still acting and would be amazing as they had great screen chemistry and added more of a comedy element as well as emotional and you could almost believe they are actually great mates in real life which they probably are

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