Hughesy, We Have A Problem: Mar 1

Guests: Nath Valvo and Kate Langbroek.

Guests tonight on Hughesy We have a Problem are Nath Valvo and Kate Langbroek.

With the majority of us working from home for the past 12 months, it’s no surprise there’s resistance to ditch the sweats, put on a pair of real pants and return to the office.

But while Hughesy and this week’s panel offer some interesting suggestions on what managers can do to get their staff back in the building, we’re almost sure the HR department won’t approve it.

Plus, we keep hearing stories of the rich and famous, allegedly jumping the queue for international travel and coming and going from Australia wherever they please. So we put it to our panel to come up with options on how the rest of us can do the same

Once again our titular host, alongside Becky Lucas, Nazeem Hussain with Nath Valvo and Kate Langbroek, are prepped, primed and ready to solve the country’s woes faster than you can say ‘no problem!’

It’s hard to find a more illustrious title on television at the moment than Hughesy’s Problem Solver Of The Week© so it’s no wonder Kate is back to defend her title!

Monday, 1 March At 8.40pm

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