MAFS doubles Amazing Race, Ultimate Tag launch.

Ratings: Disappointing start for Seven's new tentpole show. Nine wins Sunday.

Sunday was another winner for Nine, but a disappointment for Seven’s next big tentpole show.

Married at First Sight was #1 in Total People and the demos at 945,000 -up on last Sunday’s 898,000.

That was more than double The Amazing Race Australia (461,000 from 7:30pm), a low launch for Ultimate Tag (447,000) and Grand Designs New Zealand (429,000 from 7:40pm).

Later 60 Minutes drew 722,000, also doubling Harrow (382,000) and Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service (281,000) followed by Silent Witness (271,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 34.6%, then Seven 23.9%, 10 17.6%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine News drew 783,000 and a later edition was 465,000 for Nine.

Seven News won its slot at 846,000 for Seven.

The Sunday Project pulled 369,000 / 259,000 for 10. 10 News First was 260,000 / 202,000 then FBI: Most Wanted managed just 176,000.

ABC News was 604,000 for ABC. Antiques Roadshow was only 169,000.

On SBS it was Michael Palin: Travels Of A Lifetime (171,000), SBS World News (169,000 / 134,000) and Killer Bridges (129,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 181,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 7 March 2021

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  1. I seem to be in a massive minority but I really enjoyed Ultimate Tag. It’s fast paced action with a very ‘Gladiators’ setup so it was right up my alley. However at 90′, it was too long (and via 7Plus, the excessive obnoxious ads for a certain betting company with Mark Wahlberg had me parkour leaping for the mute button every 10 minutes).

    1. I feel Seven are commissioning populist versions of old shows that strip out the original essence.

      Big Brother: a bunch of carnival games but little connection with contestants
      Dancing With The Starts – a 2 week ADHD rush of episodes which will be over before it started
      The Voice: Shorter knock-out season where viewers can’t bond with the “artists” (2020 was bad enough)
      Holey Moley: Little general appeal but golfers dress up in silly outfits to draw viewers, should have aired on 7mate
      Ultimate Tag: Again a multichannel product overproduced and oversaturated.

      1. I think both Seven and Ten have pretty much waved the white flag for Sunday – Wednesday programming while MAFS is on. While the juggernaut is on there isn’t really much the others networks can do. At least Seven is trying something new with HM/UT rather than another season of MKR.

  2. Seven knew they had a turkey on their hands. Just look at their scheduling – before Ultimate Tag aired last night, they already had an Ivan Milat special in next week’s Sunday 7pm slot. Seemed to be no buzz about it at all, especially on social media.

  3. Well my friend gave up after 10 minutes and I stayed for 40 ,it’s too repetitive and not keen on Matt as one of the hosts ,we won’t be returning , also what else do 7 have in their cupboard that will replace this flop.

  4. LAst night, I watched Tag & couldn’t stand vo guy on U-Tag. I find vo guy to be dramatic and this simply makes me wanna turn tv off. Shirvington has appeared on News, Holey Moley, U-Tag this year. There’s too much of him this year.
    After that, I headed in my bedroom and listened to Spotify music.

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