Report: Seven to return Holey Moley as weekly format

Seven will reportedly tee up again, albeit once a week, citing Holey Moley numbers lifting above MKR.

Update: Seven and Eureka are understood to be in discussions on Holey Moley future and the show has not been formally renewed.


Holey Moley will be getting a second season, but will be trimmed to a weekly screening rather than multiple nights.

It follows a big launch for the season but a quick drop in figures for Seven. The network has also invested heavily in the mini golf course set, after the show was forced to return to Australia from the US. There are also hopes for international productions to use the site when travel permits.

The Australian Financial Review quotes Chief Revenue Officer Kurt Burnette as saying, “We wanted Holey Moley to come in and do a job which was give us growth year-on-year on the timeslot against My Kitchen Rules, it did. Was it to the levels we had expected and hoped? No. Did it do the job we wanted it to as a minimum? Yes it did.

“The sponsors and partners that were on board…we made sure they met their objectives on the way through. In that respect, it was ok.”

Originally Seven had stated a timeslow timeslot growth of 71% for the series, when it was announced in late 2019. Pivoting to 2021 it was anything but that, outside of a bumper premiere.

Burnette also conceded Ultimate Tag failed and will not be returning.

“We had hopes that it would build to something … it wasn’t expected to do huge numbers, it just didn’t resonate at that particular time,” he said.

“It didn’t work, it didn’t resonate with the audience and sometimes that happens. We take the view, if you’re going to fail, fail fast.”

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  1. So based on Kurt’s rationale , if it’s not a huge failure Seven will pick it up and give it another run.
    Seven – the proud home of those shows you don’t exactly hate but maybe don’t like too much either.
    They make sitting on the fence an Olympic sport.

  2. This is extremely unexpected news! I enjoyed the first series, it was light-hearted comedy relief, but I agree that three nights a week was far too much of a commitment. Hopefully, the series being on once a week will be much better in terms of ratings!

  3. This is brilliant news! My whole family were huge fans of the show and absolutely loved the show.
    3 nights was just too much… but 1 night a week is perfect. And good on Seven for sticking with a show and letting it grow!

  4. See this is how it should have been from the get go but glad they kind of listened and realised this. It was entertaining but watching it daily, it grew tiresome. I don’t know about others but i found doing the same holes over and over was boring too. Maybe they could try and mix it up a bit more?
    As for Ultimate Tag, the moment i saw the promo, i knew it would be a fail.

  5. Much better decision.

    I also think Sonia should go.
    By then she will of done BB, The Voice and DWTS special. She’s more suited to the shiny floor rather than Astro turf… I still stand by getting Olympia Valance in as host. She suits the demographic more snd be good for some fresh talent and faces.

    Did they ever mention why she didn’t continue with the series as planned?

    1. I can never understand comments like this. It’s not compulsory to watch, there is so much other choice. Why not let it come back for those that do enjoy it. I can’t stand Married At First Sight, but it doesn’t bother me that it’s on.

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