Returning: The Front Bar

Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher are back on Seven this week.

The Front Bar returns to Seven on Wednesday with Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher, in a salute to Bruce McAvaney.

“I was going to replace Bruce McAvaney, but I told Seven Friday nights were no good. And Saturdays I play golf. And Sunday arvos I generally like to have a nap,” Molloy said.

“Plus, I said it’s a deal breaker if I’m not allowed to swear in my commentary. If they want colour commentary, they’ll get colour commentary!”

Wednesday night’s show is set to be a classic with Richmond legend Kevin Bartlett and The Front Bar regular Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald set to drop by, while the team will pay tribute to Bruce McAvaney after the broadcasting icon’s decision to step back from calling AFL games.

The season’s biggest question will also be answered. After Molloy last year proved a man of his word by opening the season with a Mabior Chol hairstyle, will he unveil the Kevin Bartlett haircut he promised if the Tigers won back-to-back premierships?

8.30pm Wednesday in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and 11.00pm in Sydney and Brisbane on Seven.

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  1. I’m not an overly big sports fan, but I’ve watched shows like The Dream with Roy and HG and the various Santo, Sam and Ed’s football shows purely for the comedy factor, and learning about the sports tournaments is a good bonus to keep up with general workplace or community banter. There’s a market for people like me (for me at least anyway) who are in it for the comedy and if The Front Bar can provide more of the comedy incentive and factor, I’ll stick around to watch it. The only issue is that sports, especially when it comes to interviews and overly deep analysis can be the antithesis to comedy.

    If not sport, then there should be another outlet in a separate TV program for these comedic hosts and presenters that I admire for their comedy and general observations.

    1. When I met my partner she’d been to one AFL game in her life and didn’t watch it on TV. She watched the Front Bar with me one night and the following week asked me what night the Front Bar was on. She enjoyed the show for it’s comedy and now watches it every week during the season. With regards to interviews, the boys focus very much on stories that will generate a laugh and they do it well.

      I hate 7 for many reasons, but I love the Front Bar and don’t miss an episode.

      1. Ok but how does he have multiple TV Networks, he has shows The Front Bar on Ch7, Hamish & Andy Holidays, Australian Open with Ch9 and The Cube on Ch10.??

        How does that even happen..?

          1. Alright, then I guess all other personalities have programs contract not network contracts..

            Thanks for letting me know David, have a goodnight.!!

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