UK returning to hit series Love Island

Britain’s ITV will return to Love Island for 2021, after cancelling its 2020 season due to COVID.

The series is a juggernaut in the UK, which has kept the brand alive by screening the Australian production hosted by Sophie Monk.

But the UK series is also a huge drawcard for 9Now where Nine can sell targeted advertising to younger viewers.

Media reports suggest the island of Jersey has been identified as a back-up for the Love Island’s traditional home in Mallorca -the last season was filmed in South Africa.

Meanwhile the Australian series of Love Island is also due later this year after skipping 2020 and tipped to shoot on the Gold Coast.

In January programmer Hamish Turner told TV Tonight, “It won’t be overseas, that’s for sure,” he insists. “We’re just working through whether Sophie comes back or not. It really depends on Beauty & the Geek and whether she can do both. She’s still an option.”


  1. Looking forward to this and the Aussie series. As for Sophie hosting, they are overplaying the importanceof that lol. There were multiple occasions she didn’t even appear and the couples hosted their own show, reading texts and cue cards haha. It still worked fine for me, it’s the narrator who is the important factor in the show he needs to be back. “Moooon” 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more, in UK version you see the host at launch and the finale and maybe once/twice in between the rest is done by the contestants reading txts, always seemed like they were forcing the host into the Australian version having them appear so often as if to get their money’s worth, in this case less host the better leave it to the contestants to run and frees up the host for other shows then.

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