Tyra & Kale win Love Island 2023

Two Queenslanders win the vote for most loved-up islanders in Nine's villa.

Reality TV couple Tyra and Kale have won Love Island Australia 2023.

Kale made his return to the Villa after being dumped and paired with for Tyra, they were voted the favourite couple of the series over the other finalists, Lucinda and Zac and Savanah and Clint.

Host Sophie Monk said: “This has been one of the best seasons of Love Island Australia yet. I’ve laughed out loud and actually cried. It’s so entertainingly beautiful, there’s heartfelt moments, and it’s so relatable. I feel like I’m learning life lessons from this season, and I’ve seen A Lot in my lifetime.”

Tyra, 23, from the Sunshine Coast, said: “Kale is everything I could ever ask for in a partner and more. The most kind and considerate man I’ve ever met. We’ve got so many plans, kicking it all off with a trip over to Perth to meet Kale’s family. I am stoked.”

Kale, 25, originally from Perth, living on the Gold Coast, said: “I couldn’t be more excited for what’s next for me and the future with Tyra. We have so many exciting things coming up already. It’s amazing how bubbly and uplifting her presence is, she can light up a room with one smile.”

In a change from the all-or-nothing $50,000 prize envelopes, this year there was a change.

Earlier in the season the top four couples were made a life-changing offer as individuals, testing who was in it for love or money if they took $20,000 from Sophie and left the luxury Villa in Spain immediately. Tyra and Kale will share an equal share of the winning cash prize of $50,000.

The ITV Studios series, whilst drawing modest linear viewers, continues to outrank catch-up competition. To date, the season has recorded an average VOD BVOD audience of 314,000, and 518M VOD minutes.

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