1% Club tops entertainment on Monday

But the audience then bailed when Big Brother began.

The 1% Club led entertainment at 527,000 metro viewers -however Seven wasn’t able to keep the crowd which plummeted with Big Brother thereafter.

That eclipsed 7:30 (479,000), Dessert Masters (471,000 which led in entertainment demos), Australian Story (355,000) and David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III (381,000).

Later Media Watch was 327,000 then NCIS: Sydney (310,000), ACS: The Investigators (283,000), and Evacuation (278,000).

Seven network won Monday with 28.6% then Nine 25.8%, 10 19.0%, ABC 18.2% and SBS 8.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 892,000 / 882,000. The Chase led with 487,000 / 299,000 then Home & Away (465,000). Big Brother was just 169,000 then SWAT (102,000).

Nine News (763,000 / 723,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won at 634,000 then Hot Seat (333,000 / 219,000). Getting Away With Murder managed 172,000.

The Project drew 294,000 / 169,000. 10 News First was 203,000 / 153,000. The Secrets She Keeps was just 109,000.

ABC News was 563,000. Q+A (186,000) and The Drum (141,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (146,000 / 122,000), 1968: A Year of War, Turmoil and Beyond (104,000), Secrets of the Tower of London (66,000) and Close Encounters with Levison Wood (63,000).

7TWO’s Doc Martin topped multichannels at 97,000.

Sunrise: 207,000
Today: 187,000
News Breakfast: 97,000 / 50,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

Love Island: 325,000
Big Brother: 369,000
My Mum Your Dad: 618,000
Media Watch: 622,000
Home & Away: 892,000
Dessert Masters: 744,000
Australian Story: 836,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 27 November 2023

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  1. Love 1% club. Have made it through a couple of times all the way (at home) to answering all including the 1% question, but the pressure would be so different on set. Think I’ll brave up and audition if there’s a season 3.

  2. I am surprised to see 1% Club hold up so well despite the multiple nights and timeslots Seven has moved it to. They need to take a leaf out of the ABC’s book and actually keep a show in the same timeslot for more than a few weeks.

  3. So no-one’s going to comment on how tedious The 1% Club was? I only caught the last 10 minutes and nearly fell asleep. If the demo it’s aimed at is over-60s then it’s no wonder they didn’t stick around for Big Brother.

    1. If you had watched the 1% from he beginning..it was clearly stated when announced it is aimed at all ages and backgrounds….the majority of the contestants are not in their 60s or over….they are mostly gen x, y and z… a lot of that age group actually do watch the show…logic, commonsense, and observation are all skills the contestants bring to the show…with age comes knowledge, wisdom and experience….As for Big Brother that’s aimed at gen z contestants with very little wisdom regards to their obsession with wanting to be noticed…get as many likes on their socials….and get praise for being on tv showing how badly they can behave…which needs very little knowledge or experience to achieve.

          1. David: (Re: The 1% Club) After showing unaired season 1 episodes (8, 10 and 9) the previous 3 Sundays, Channel 7 showed a repeat of I think it was S1e01 late on Sunday night after the Mushroom celebration, then returned with S2e03 last night so it looks like they’re back on track to see out the rest of season 2 on Sundays now.

      1. Just because it got announced in the upfronts is no guarantee they will go ahead with it. They’re out of contractual requirements now so they don’t have to make another season. I doubt very much it’ll be back based on the numbers it’s doing.

          1. Agree.
            Rested for 2024 and after the successful relaunch of Big Brother live and daily shows in the UK this year Australia should follow suit.
            Question will be is Ten prepared to step up and bring back the original format in 2025 or 26 or does Seven have no competition to keep the rights? Ten need something up their sleeve to bring viewers back to the network. Imagine the Big Brother content they could put on Paramount + ?

        1. There’s even precedent with Big Brother itself – I think they announced a second VIP season before it aired and that was quietly cancelled after the first VIP season flopped.

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