A-League buoyed by interest in broadcasting rights

“We’re talking to nine different parties,” says APL Chairman Paul Lederer.

FOX Sports and Stan are said to be 2 of several parties interested in A-League broadcast rights.

Existing rights holder FOX Sports’ long-time deal expires in July.

“We’re talking to nine different parties,” Australian Professional Leagues chairman Paul Lederer revealed. “There’s been a hell of a lot of interest, a lot of different people and important companies from around the world.

“These are very prominent, world class providers. It’s getting close, very close. I think by the end of April, or May, this will all be resolved.

“It’s exciting … that’s all I can tell you.”

It’s also possible the A-League could be shown across more than a single platform.

“There are a number varieties and options – and people are looking at different things,” he said.

“Everyone is looking for entertainment. We’re the world game, after all, the most popular sport on earth, and it shouldn’t be surprising (the extent of the interest).”

Source: SBS.

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  1. Stan badly needs another product for its sports channel but no doubt Fox Sports will not want to lose A League after losing out horse trading for Rugby Australia’s broadcast rights, it and Kayo do need a bit more diversity than AFL and NRL, although Fox Sports horse racing channels probably provides most of their long term subscribers.

  2. So sick and tired of sports administrators talking up the amount of interested parties in their product. When we all know that the viewers will be put last in their discussions, and eventually we will all need to pay to watch sports on tv.

  3. If Fox Sports get it again, they need to look at moving on all the Sydney commentators to balance the commentary especially Harper & Slater and to tell Bosnich we dont want to hear about how PL play or all the players he pmayef with and against.We watch Optus Sport for that info

  4. Football (Soccer) has made several errors. They need free to air exposure to grow the game. Giving it to Foxtel & Stan limits their viewers. Ten would be a good partner if they were interested.

    1. It’s not that simple. Soccer is not well suited to FTA broadcast, its halves run for a continuous 45 minutes, and don’t have the natural breaks in play that would allow for commercial breaks. AFL has an appropriately long break when a goal is scored. Cricket has an appropriate break between overs. So FTA broadcasters can get their money’s worth.

      This would significantly diminish the sports value to FTA broadcasters, whereas subscription services don’t care.

      1. Actually incorrect. There are many breaks in play where commercials can be run if you are smart about length. format and placement.
        1. VAR decisions allow anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds.
        2. Goal kicks and corner kicks allow anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds.
        Just need to be smart with an in-depth knowledge of how the sport is played and broadcast opportunities. Just look at the NRL where KFC pay for a minimum number of referrals to ‘the bunker’ in return for their $$$.
        FTA is the only way football/soccer can grow but unfortunately none of these have the $$ available as 7 and 9 have theirs committed to AFL and NRL respectively.

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