Battle at breakfast

Ratings: Just 18,000 splitting Sunrise & Today metro viewers yesterday. Nine wins primetime.

It was a close battle at breakfast yesterday with just 18,000 splitting Sunrise & Today in metro viewers.

Sunrise won the race at 229,000 metro viewers with Today at 211,000.

News Breakfast across ABC was 187,000 (114,000 / 73,000). No doubt Today will be sorry to see the end of MAFS given it has been able to host participant interviews over recent weeks, just as Sunrise did for years with My Kitchen Rules.

Meanwhile in primetime Married at First Sight was #1 for its Final Dinner Party averaging 1.13m metro viewers.

That defeated Hard Quiz (683,000), 7:30 (547,000), Highway Patrol (377,000 / 341,000), The Cube (268,000) and History of Britain (178,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering drew 551,000 then Fisk (537,000), Amazing Grace (403,000) and The Front Bar (261,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 35.6% then Seven 23.6%, ABC 18.9%, 10 15.5% and SBS 6.4%.

Nine News pulled 917,000 / 913,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (774,000). Hot Seat was 463,000 / 269,000. Footy Classified was 73,000 across the network.

Seven News led its slot at 988,000 / 931,000 for Seven. Home & Away was 559,000 then The Chase (518,000 / 342,000).

ABC News drew 638,000 for ABC. Melbourne Comedy Festival: All Stars Supershow (237,000) and The Drum (203,000) followed.

The Project managed 398,000 / 255,000 for 10. 10 News First was 314,000 / 206,000 with Bull at just 170,000 / 157,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (172,000 / 156,000), Sydney Harbour Patrol (104,000), Mastermind (82,000). Departure was just 62,000.

Bluey led multichannels at 177,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 14 April 2021

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  1. In recent press releases, it seems like Today is winning the 16-39, 25-54 and grocery shoppers ratings in main capital cities. However Sunrise is dominant in regional markets. Seems different demographics prefer different program

  2. My main issue with Nat Barr is the way she sometimes stumbles through interviews. She is fine while reading the questions she has to ask but once she has to think for herself, she constantly says ‘um, um, um’ and ‘you know, you know’. She has a loud voice so it stands out more for me. She seems to really need lessons in interviewing skills in my view. Other than that, I like her ! lol

    1. I agree with you 100%. Terrible at interviewing.
      Talks too loud and has no warmth when discussing a topic as if she’s not interested. Too “matter of fact”.
      Definitely needs coaching with all her UMS.
      I think CH 7 will lose ratings now that Sam has gone.

  3. A suitcase comprising enough money to furnish the cost of my way of life isn’t sufficient inspiration for me to watch “Today”. I’ve loathed Allison Langdon from day one and with good reason. Karl Stefanovic is a one trick pony, and I never warmed up to Alex Cullen’s haughtiness when he was reading sport during the Ian Ross Seven News epoch. Sunrise is my go-to breakfast show, with the trash competition on Nine relentlessly counterfeiting its ingenuity and declaring it to be their own brainchild.

    1. Are we watching the same show? It seems to me that all the ‘chemistry’ is fake and forced. Today has become all about Karl Karl Karl: oh what a larrikin, what a lad, look at him make funny faces and pretend to care. I feel sorry for Ali and as for Brooke – what exactly does she do or add for that matter? At least the Sunrise crew doesn’t make the show all about themselves.

  4. I don’t watch much Breakfast TV…and mostly ABC if I do. I switched onto Today and Karl and Ali have a great on-air chemistry. Looking like they are enjoying what they are doing…unlike Sunrise which is not the same without smiling Sam.

          1. Except that all points have been made before. Karl & Lisa were bigger, Kochie & Mel were bigger… breakfast has a downturn same as primetime and TV overall. I’ve filed on News Breakfast rise a few times (and even when they beat Today).

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