“Being on television is a real coup”

Superwog stars Theodore & Nathan Saidden have a huge YouTube following, but being on ABC is like winning an Emmy.

Season 2 of Superwog is due on ABC later this year, and ABC is certainly excited about how Theodore Saidden and Nathan Saidden are developing as a comedy duo.

“The Saidden Brothers are evolving into really great narrative comedy writers and directors. They kind of do everything,” said Sally Riley, ABC Head of Scripted Production.

“Their first season on their YouTube channel has up to 23 million views and ticking over still. We’re hoping to gather some of those people to the ABC.

“For them, being on television is a real coup. They’ve got 23 million (views) on YouTube but making it onto television, onto the ABC is a really high achievement for them. It’s like they’ve won an Emmy or something.”

Produced by Superwog and Princess Pictures, the six-part series will air later this year.

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