Dancing with the Stars beats Lego, MasterChef, Spicks & Specks.

Ratings: Seven wins Sunday. Not a great night for ABC.

Seven had a winning night over its traditional rivals last night, with a glitzy grand final, ANZAC Day AFL and a push from a Perth lockdown.

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars averaged 802,000 metro viewers rising to 827,000 for the moment Luke Jacobz won the mirror ball trophy.

But Lego Masters still topped the demos, drawing 715,000 viewers, then MasterChef Australia (527,000 from 7:30pm) and Spicks & Specks at 444,000, also from 7:40pm.

Later 60 Minutes drew 432,000 – a low number by its usual standards- then movie: Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (264,000), FBI: Most Wanted (244,000) and Wakefield, low at just 193,000.

Seven won Sunday with 31.2% then Nine 29.1%, 10 18.6%, ABC 13.0% and SBS 8.0%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.17m for Seven. Earlier in the day ANZAC Day AFL was high at 668,000.

Nine News (938,000) led for Nine. Australian Crime Stories was 225,000.

The Sunday Project drew 328,000 / 233,000 for 10. 10 News First was 269,000 / 189,000

ABC News (541,000) was best for ABC on a difficult night. Compass was 128,000 and Goldstone just 100,000.

Russia: 1000 Years of History did well for SBS at 278,000 then SBS World News (181,000 / 148,000) and Sydney’s Super Tunnel (126,000).

Insiders topped multichannels at 189,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 25 April 2021


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  1. Hopefully they will give Daryl another season of Dancing with the Stars, he was good he did’nt miss a beat after all these years. Or better yet, Seven should let Daryl host a live variety show again on a Saturday night, but something new rather than the old Hey Hey.

  2. It’s a shame Masterchef isn’t rating the best hopefully it will pick up as it goes on even if it doesn’t 12 years at the top is very impressive

    Is it just me or is there to much shouting by the judges in Masterchef Melissa seems to be the worst i have a hearing impairment but i have to turn it down whenever they shout because it’s so loud

  3. DWTS success is the surprise of the year so far for me. I honestly though nostalgia might pull a crowd for a few nights and then drop right off.
    Curious to see where Seven’s oldies go now it’s over. I don’t see them sticking around for BB.

  4. Watched 5 minutes of the Long Tan thing and switched off-simply silly if one knows anything about the military-a great pity as films on Australian military history are pretty rare given the costs of making them on any scale.

  5. Still a few eps behind (think the fast season caught me off guard), but can’t believe how much I’ve actually enjoyed this, will be interesting to see whether its poor performance in the demographics and advertisers is enough not to renew it and just go out on a ‘one off’ high, or whether the strong total people figures and its positive impact on the rest of the network is enough to give it another run.

  6. MC is a bit… meh for me at the moment. I know it’s just early days, but I can’t gel with any of the contestants and a lot seem devoid of personality? One of the girls in the elimination last night hardly uttered a word. Even Nigella couldn’t wait to finish and get her pay cheque.

  7. DWTS was pretty good this season. Surprised it won last night. MC is dipping quite a bit too 😳 One tweak i’d make is when they have to dance off to see who gets through. If you’re going to do that don’t do the same dance. Give us something else like where in singing competitions for example they do a new song, well do a new dance but other than that its been enjoyable. The finale was great too and the right winner was crowned. Big Brother should be interesting tonight. See how it launches this year.

  8. Did Spicks and Specks go up or down from last week? The first one drew me in eventually, but last night’s, I gave up after the first segment. I didn’t know any of the guests, but three of the four were mildly entertaining but not enough to keep watching. It felt like the three hosts were really battling to draw the humour from these four guests.

    1. Down from 665k. I suspect a lot of the loss will be people watching DWTS (as LM and MC both took a hit from last weeks figures). Like the commercial network’s striped shows, S&S could also do with tighter editing back to its usual 30 minute format. I find there is way to much waffle between segments for my liking. Waffle = good, Too much waffle = not good 🙂

      1. Adding in more games / questions seems like a simple solution to keeping the 1 hour timeslot.

        There were a few moments in the show last night where I was thinking let’s just get on with it.

  9. As I posted in the Lounge a few weeks back, I loved Wakefield….especially the last two episodes and it was on iview and the only way to watch it effectively was to binge it rather than watch it in weekly instalments which may have appeared to go too slow. I wonder how many others digested it the same way which is why the ratings for last night are so low.

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