• I enjoyed Resident Alien too, though I’m a bit peeved I apparently have to get on to Nine’s online service to watch the rest of the series. It’s not on the EPG next Tuesday. I hope the rest of Series 1 eventually gets shown on Free-To-Air.

        • If I remember correct, the on-air promotion (during Lego Masters ad-break) made reference to a “preview” of Resident Alien, which I thought was a bit odd. I would have to watch back my PVR recording to be any more certain, sorry David.

          • I can confirm with you that Nine did state on one of the commercials I watched last week that Resident Alien was a “Special preview screening”… which had me thinking straight up that it was a taster to get you on to the online service. I thought it was common knowledge which is why I didn’t bring it up here in the lounge.

        • Un-be-liev-able. I had a feeling something was up with my previous post on another thread. I should have backed my gut.

          End result: Delete on PVR… Other Means… 9Never.

  1. The town used for ‘Resident Alien’ looks very similar to the one in ‘Eureka’; especially the main street-also obviously bigger than the oft stated 1,000 inhabitants!

  2. The fact that ESA have 4 shows on at the same time highlights the homogeneous feeling one gets when watching FTA. While the content is different, the approach is the same, with the same OTT music and SFX. Old peoples home probably less so, but my point still stands.

      • CEO roles changed late last year, but I’m guessing you’re referring to stripped reality, which also comes back to networks. If people don’t watch them they would commission other content.

        • Which may be the issue here, great for Endemol now, at the moment the show’s are stable, whilst there’s a little bit of cannibalism with ratings, but if they hit each other too much it means they’ll lose those shows, however if they could maintain what happened last night they’ll be happy for a couple of years to come.

    • Sorry to burst your theory…. in Sam’s final week at Sunrise the show drew 225k, 254k, 244k and 308k for her farewell episode. I file these numbers pretty much every day and am not seeing any drop related to cast change.

      • Plus they have not employed anyone new. Just moved Nat and Eddy up and not replaced Eddies job so that would be a big saving as Sam would of been paid well.

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