Luke Jacobz wins Dancing with the Stars: All Stars

A perfect score lands Luke Jacobz the mirror ball trophy -but what happened to the charity prize?

Actor and host Luke Jacobz has win the mirror ball trophy in Seven’s Dancing with the Stars: All Stars Grand Final.

Jacobz scored a perfect 40 points -as did Series 1 champion Bec Hewitt- but Jacobz pipped her in the audience voting.

It was an impressive run by Jacobz who wowed judges in the final weeks, particularly with a perfect score for a dramatic Pasodoble in last week’s semi final.

The final judges scores were:

Luke Jacobz and Jorja Freeman – 40
Bec Hewitt and Craig Monley – 40
Lincoln Lewis and Lily Cornish – 38
Kyly Clarke and Gustavo Viglio – 37
Ada Nicodemou and Aric Yegudkin – 37
Manu Feildel and Katrina Patchett – 32

However Seven only awarded $20,000 to his chosen charity, The Charlie Teo Foundation, less than half the $50,000 prize awarded by 10 last year (Seven previously donated around 50% of net profits from phone voting, but this varied wildly).

Nevertheless, Luke Jacobz was happy with his win.

“To win is honestly the greatest achievement of my life. To experience it with Jorja, who is by far the most creative and talented person I know, is like a dream,” he said.

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars is produced by Warner Bros International Television Production Australia and BBC Studios, from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios.

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  1. Happy for Luke!! A deserving winner. It’s strange that there is only $20,000 charity. I mean it’s a heck of a lot better than nothing but it just seems a little tight on Seven’s behalf. Surely the finances can’t be that dire over there.

    Beyond that it was nice to be able to sit down with the kids and not have to try and explain some of the more questionable behaviour demonstrated in certain reality shows broadcasting in similar time slots.

  2. probably the first ever reality finale that i thought could have been dragged out more. I felt sorry for Ada being cut from the competition so unceremoniously, without any kind of send off.

    It was a great season, loved the tighter format and the old judges. Surely this will be renewed and can use some of the concepts from this season. Just get Luke to replace Daryll as host.

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