Mr. Inbetween confirms final season

Scott Ryan hitman drama will wrap with its upcoming season.

Aussie hitman drama Mr. Inbetween will conclude with its upcoming third season.

The Scott Ryan drama began on FOX Showcase but also performed well with FX in the USA.

In the third season Ray (Ryan) will deal with the loss of Bruce, figure out how to care for his ageing father Bill (Kenny Graham), and be faced with his daughter Brittany (Chika Yasumura) possibly discovering who he really is. Ray is now working freelance and feeling isolated after severing ties with former boss and confidant Freddy (Damon Herriman), but with business booming, a new connection with kingpin Rafael (Jeremy Sims) compounds Ray’s problems. The season will also see him connect with new colleague Zoe (Emily Barclay), though “unexpected tragedy” will have Ray questioning his career and his ethics.

According to the FX’s description of the upcoming storyline: “Fellow underworld figures dub Ray ‘The Magician’ for his uncanny ability to make things disappear. As his family crumbles, emotions rage and violence escalates, the blood on his hands may finally cause the magic wand to slip.”

Season 3 will be nine episodes long, executive produced by Edgerton, Ryan, and Michele Bennett; produced by Blue-Tongue Films and Pariah Productions in association with FX Productions.

8:30pm Wednesday May 26 on FOX Showcase.

Source: Variety

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  1. Brilliant show and very much looking forward to seeing S3. I did wonder about the daughter working out what he did. Should be a good season. The loss of his brother in S2 was so sad.

  2. For all the hype it received Mr. Inbetween is a disturbingly dark look at violent human behaviour, the sometimes confronting themes challenges whether it should be described as satire, though the USA will get a few laughs I’m sure when FX releases the show there.

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