Returning: Keeping Faith

Third and final season of Eve Myles drama premieres on BBC First.

The third and final season of Keeping Faith premieres on BBC First later this month (Season 2 is currently on ABC).

The six part UK drama features Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard.

In the third and final series of hit drama Keeping Faith, we’re back in Abercorran. It’s 18 months since Faith learned the truth about her husband Evan – and their divorce and custody battle is going from bad to worse. Faith tries to be positive as she juggles being a single mother and a lawyer – taking on the new case of a gravely ill boy – while establishing a brand new law firm with Cerys (Hannah Daniel). Lisa (Cath Ayers) is on hand to support her. Steve (Mark Lewis Jones) gets an unexpected visitor at his home and is forced to do a job in order to keep a roof over his daughter’s head. Reluctantly he agrees, but he’s disturbed in the process. Alys – who’s 14 going on 21 – has a boyfriend and being the rebellious teen that she is, smuggles her boyfriend Lewis into the house. And when Steve is dragged into a dodgy second job, Faith is less than impressed when she comes face to face with a threatening figure from her dark past.

8:30pm Wednesday April 28 on BBC First.

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