Bluey in Top 100 Sitcoms of All Time

Just one Australian-produced show makes Rolling Stone's Top 100 list.

ABC hit animation Bluey has made it onto a list of the Top 100 Sitcoms of All Time, collated by Rolling Stone.

The Ludo Studios series is the only Australian-produced show to make the cut, assembled by Rolling Stone writers (Question: is it actually a sitcom, though?).

96. Bluey
An Australian animated series targeted at preschoolers, Bluey is primarily a sweet, heartwarming show with a lot of lessons about the power of imaginary play and the challenges of growing up. It is also a screamingly funny depiction of the indignities of parenthood, as dad Bandit (voiced by Aussie indie rocker David McCormack) routinely suffers public humiliation and physical pain from his willingness to go along with whatever role-playing game his little girls have chosen for the day.

However Aussie format Review, based on ABC’s Review with Myles Barlow (2008 – 2010) ranked even higher.

40. Review
Had Review just been a collection of loosely linked sketches in which Andy Daly’s “reviewer of life” Forrest MacNeil was forced to do whatever his fictional audience told him to and then rate it on a five-star scale, it would still be a great comic achievement. The series’ masterstroke, though, was to add up the impact that each review — whether having to eat 15 pancakes in one sitting, or divorce his wife without explanation — had on Forrest’s psyche, until the mere thought of him experiencing anything became agonizingly funny. Like Forrest when he had to try cocaine, we give it a million stars!

Here is the Top 20, let the debates begin!

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Cheers
  3. Seinfeld
  4. I Love Lucy
  5. All in the Family
  6. MASH
  7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  8. The Honeymooners
  9. Parks & Recreation
  10. The Larry Sanders Show
  11. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  13. Frasier
  14. The Andy Griffith Show
  15. Arrested Development
  16. The Cosby Show
  17. Taxi
  18. 30 Rock
  19. Roseanne
  20. Bojack Horseman

A lot of favourites missed out entirely, but you can check out the full list here.

15 Responses

  1. I don’t know who made this list but the stupid Simpson’s being no 1 is ridiculous. If they were going to only pick 1 Aussie show we had heaps of great comedies back in the 80’s & 90’s that were better than Bluey. No Family Ties or Young Sheldon. Big Bang Theory should have been in the top 10. Half of those shows I’ve either never heard of or never watched.

  2. A bit sentimental some ’70s classics missed out: The Brady Bunch, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie -the one I would have included would be The Beverly Hillbillies which for several years was the highest rated sitcom in USA. A shame more Brits also did not make the cut. I’d also add The Wonder Years, a wonderful mix of humour, nostalgia and pathos.

  3. Rolling Stone wouldn’t have seen Mother and Son. Daria, HIMYM, and Night Court were hard done by not being in the top half, while Friends, Bojack Horseman are overrated and I’m surprised Party Down even made the list; they nailed #100 though. The trouble I have with the Simpsons is it clearly the most sucessful, but there’s that two decades in the middle where it is hard to tell the episodes apart. I’d pick Frasier the 11 season were all great with good handling of character and plot. It shifted effortlesslybetween highbrow literary humour to classic farce.

    1. Bojack is overrated? Definitely disagree there, it’s a show about a talking horse that absolutely nails the depiction of depression, what’s not to love? Haha.

      The episode that showed Bojack’s grandmother having a lobotomy was so dark, that sat with me for a while. The underwater episode was so beautiful as well.

      1. absolutely agree with Bojack – I would also add the ending of one series which had Stars by Nina Simone playing.
        agree with Petinax about Friends – over rated as a comedy, was fine as a soap opera
        Very American list, which is understandable as they UK comedy doesn’t get much exposure there.

      2. My criteria for the best comedy has being funny and entertaining and the two main criteria. BoJack is a one idea a dark story about Mr Ed as a washed up Hollywood star with every cliche about the Hollywood system, Holly insider culture targeted at children. The fact that 100% of Hollywood has convinced itself that it is a comedy, and bestest one ever at that, is really the only funny part. 0/10.

  4. Review with Myles Barlow was definitely one of my favourite comedy shows, had me crying with laughter.

    Haven’t seen the US version though.

    1. Yeah it surprised me that P&R rated that high, it’s a great show and I absolutely adore it but I feel like The Office was far more influential and has much more rewatchability years later than P&R does.

  5. Haven’t seen the list, but I’m just going to naturally assume that Alf, Webster, Small Wonder and Melody Rules are all on there.

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