New date for The Weakest Link premiere

Magda Szubanski turns quiz show host next Tuesday on Nine.

Nine has confirmed a new premiere date for The Weakest Link, hosted by Magda Szubanski.

It will screen at 9pm Tuesday May 25, following Celebrity Apprentice. This puts it at 10 minutes later than its original premiere date (8:50pm Tuesday May 4th).

Early episodes are understood to have been long shoots, with Nine confirming the delay was due to a “tight production schedule.”

The series is produced by BBC Studios Australia.

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  1. I think they bought Magda some time for the recent negative press to move on from public consciousness. Whether or not the damage has been done might reflect in the ratings. The casting for host is important given the previous role by Cornelia Frances and how well her hosting was performed.

  2. Celebrity Apprentice doesn’t strike me as a strong enough show to be Nine’s next tentpole show…with this and the Weakest Link, maybe we might see the end of Nine’s 2021 dominance so far

  3. Nine programming should be panned for this flip-flop decision, after all that money and time putting the show together and paying the talent…

    It’ll barely premiere to 500k, look out for a sink somewhere to 200k-odd after that and it’ll be buried.

    You could see the writing on the wall with this time being the original timeslot (bosses weren’t happy with what they were seeing), then exacerbated by Magda Szubanski’s gaffe.

  4. If Nine are airing this at 9pm, I don’t think they’re expecting it to rate well. As much as I despise Magda, I will be watching at least the first episode to see how it is, but if Nine are hoping this to be a “family-friendly” show, putting it on at 9pm won’t do their cause any good!

  5. Why so late – either time? I doubt the overnight figures will be good, but I hope it will rate on delay as many will have to record or watch catchup. I would rather this than the Apprentice show.

  6. Going by channel 9’s record of programmes over running it will probably start at 9.20 pm.The promos look pretty weak I think a different host should have been chosen.

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